A Collection of Hymns for the use of Christians

Editor: Elias Smith, Abner Jones
Publisher: Manning & Loring, Boston, 1804
Denomination: Christian Connection
Language: English
Notes: With this is bound "Melody of the Heart: original and selected hymns for social devotion" by Abner Jones; numbered separately (M)
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IO when shall I [we] see Jesus and dwell [reign] with Him abovePage Scan
IIMercy, O thou Son of DavidPage Scan
IIISovereign grace has [hath] power alonePage Scan
IVCome friends and relations let us [come] join heart and handPage Scan
VCome, welcome this new year of gracePage Scan
VIA fountain in Jesus, which runs always [always runs] freePage Scan
VIICome thou fount of every blessingPage Scan
VIIIBeside the gospel pool Appointed for the poorPage Scan
IXWhat contradictions meetPage Scan
XNow the Savior stands [standeth] [standing] a-pleading [and pleading]Page Scan
XIPrecious Bible, what a treasurePage Scan
XIIWhat heavenly music do I [we] hearPage Scan
XIIIWhen first my soul enlistedPage Scan
XIVHow lost was [is] my [our] conditionPage Scan
XVChrist is set on Zion's hillPage Scan
XVIBy whom was David taughtPage Scan
XVIIStop, poor sinner [sinners], stop and thinkPage Scan
XVIII'Tis Jesus doth savePage Scan
XIXThus was the great Redeemer plungedPage Scan
XXAttend, ye children of your [our] GodPage Scan
XXINever does truth more shinePage Scan
XXIILord, at thy table I [we] behold The wonders of thy gracePage Scan
XXIIIHumble souls, who [that] seek salvationPage Scan
XXIVO God my heart with love inflamePage Scan
XXVWhen Paul was parted from his friendsPage Scan
XXVICome on, my fellow pilgrims, comePage Scan
XXVIISweet was the time when first I feltPage Scan
XXVIIIWhat think ye [you] of Christ, is the testPage Scan
XXIXThe fields are all white and the harvest is nearPage Scan
XXXO what a glorious mystery, wonder, wonder, wonderPage Scan
XXXIAttend, ye saints, and hear me tellPage Scan
XXXIINow we are met in holy fear to hear the happyPage Scan
XXXIIIDear Savior, we rejoice to hear poor [when] sinners sweetly [humbly] tellPage Scan
XXXIVO with what pleasure we beholdPage Scan
XXXVThese honored saints, redeemed by bloodPage Scan
XXXVIMy Christ is my [a] friend, To Him I attendPage Scan
XXXVIIYe tried sons of God, Ye still have foodPage Scan
XXXVIIIHasten, O Lord, the latter dayPage Scan
XXXIXYe saints attend the Savior's voicePage Scan
XLFrom all that's mortal, all that's vainPage Scan
XLIProfessed followers of the LambPage Scan
XLIIOnce more, dear brethren, join to singPage Scan
XLIIISing the dear Savior's glorious famePage Scan
XLIVAssist my soul, my heavenly KingPage Scan
XLVThat glorious day is drawing nighPage Scan
XLVIBegone, unbelief, [for] my [our] Savior is nearPage Scan
XLVIIFarewell, my [dear] brethren in the LordPage Scan
XLVIIIJesus, at thy commandPage Scan
XLIXThe fountain of Christ, Lord help us to singPage Scan
LThe voice of free grace cries escapePage Scan
LISinner, art thou [are you] still secure [sincere]Page Scan
LIIHark, my soul, it is the LordPage Scan
LIIIWak'd by the Gospel's powerful soundPage Scan
LIVSee the Lord of glory dyingPage Scan
LVPeace be unto this house, The Son of PeacePage Scan
LVICome, all ye dear souls that [who] are of Adam's loins [line]Page Scan
LVIISaved by blood I live to tellPage Scan
LVIIII am, saith Christ, the WayPage Scan
LIXHail, sovereign love, that first beganPage Scan
LX'Tis my happiness belowPage Scan
LXIIsr'el in ancient daysPage Scan
LXIIHark! the voice of love and mercyPage Scan
LXIIIHail! thou once despised JesusPage Scan
LXIVYe dying sons of menPage Scan
LXVGracious Lord [God], our children seePage Scan
LXVISweet are the gifts which gracious Heav'nPage Scan
LXVIIAlmighty love inspire my heart with sacred firePage Scan
M.IThe Lord into his garden comesPage Scan
M.IICome, all ye poor sinners that [who] from Adam camePage Scan
M.IIIO Lord, I pray that thou wilt showPage Scan
M.IVOn a sweet summer's evening, as I walked the streetPage Scan
M.VI'm glad I ever saw the dayPage Scan
M.VIIs there anybody here like leprous NaamanPage Scan
M.VIIHow firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the LordPage Scan
M.VIIIHark! hear the sound on earth is foundPage Scan
M.IXThe great tremendous day's approachingPage Scan
M.XCome all who are New-lights indeedPage Scan
M.XIThe great God of love, hath shown us the wayPage Scan
M.XIIAll hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
M.XIIIThough trouble assail us, and dangers affrightPage Scan
M.XIVThus saith the Lord, your Master dearPage Scan
M.XVCome and taste along with mePage Scan
M.XVIBlest be my God that I was bornPage Scan
M.XVIIInnumerable foes attack the child of GodPage Scan
M.XVIIILet us ask the important questionPage Scan
M.XIXCome, my soul, and let us tryPage Scan
M.XXJesus, while he dwelt belowPage Scan
M.XXIOh! for a glance of heav'nly dayPage Scan
M.XXIIIn heav'nly choirs a qhestion rosePage Scan
M.XXIIIThose persons are happy who diePage Scan
M.XXIVJesus, thou omniscient SaviourPage Scan
M.XXVWhen a guilty sinner's flyingPage Scan
M.XXVIPilgrims, with pleasure let us partPage Scan
M.XXVIIThe Prince of Peace is comePage Scan
M.XXVIIIO am I born to diePage Scan
M.XXIXNow to the pilgrims born of GodPage Scan
M.XXXWhere shall we sinners hide our headsPage Scan
M.XXXIVain delusive world, adieuPage Scan
M.XXXIIAnd let this feeble body failPage Scan
M.XXXIIIThou God of glorious majestyPage Scan

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