A Collection of Evangelical Hymns

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CIAwake my soul, stretch every nerveText
CIIJesus, at thy commandText
CIIIAnd have I Christ no love to theeText
CIVMy times of sorrow and of joy Text
CVHear, gracious God, my humble moanText
CVIYe little flock, whom Jesus feedsText
CVII'Tis a point I long to knowText
CVIIIOft have I turned my eye withinText
CIXWhat strange perplexities ariseText
CXBacksliders, who your misery feelText
CXIO thou, whose tender mercy hearsText
CXIISweet was the time when first I feltText
CXIIIHow oft, alas, this wretched heartText
CXIVWhen darkness long has veil'd my mindText
CXVO my distrustful heartText
CXVINow begin the heavenly themeText
CXVIILove divine, all loves excellingText
CXVIIIO Lord my God, whose sovereign loveText
CXIXMy soul, with joy attendText
CXXThus far my God hath led me onText
CXXIYe servants of the LordText
CXXIIFaith— 'tis a precious graceText
CXXIIIFrom whence this fear and unbelief!Text
CXXIVJesus, my hope, while here belowText
CXXVHappy beyond description heText
CXXVIAm I a soldier of the crossText
CXXVIISprinkled with reconciling bloodText
CXXVIIIWhy sinks my weak desponding mind?Text
CXXIXYe humble souls, complain no moreText
CXXXThy way, O God is in the seaText
CXXXIOf all the joys we mortals knowText
CXXXIIBlest be the tie that bindsText
CXXXIIILet party names no moreText
CXXXIVAloud we sing the wond'rous graceText
CXXXVYe humble souls rejoiceText
CXXXVIHappy the man, whose cautious stepsText
CXXXVIIDear Saviour, when my thoughts recallText
CXXXVIIIMy times of sorrow and of joyText
CXXXIXAnd must I part with all I haveText
CXLWhile carnal men, with all their mightText
CXLIWhy should a living man complainText
CXLIII ask'd the Lord that I might growText
CXLIIIDear refuge of my weary soulText
CXLIVO that I knew the secret placeText
CXLVThou only center of my restText
CXLVIFrom my fond arms my love is fledText
CXLVIIDost thou my profit seekText
CXLVIIIAfflicted saint, to Christ draw nearText
CXLIXLet me, thou sovereign Lord of allText
CLJesus, Redeemer, Saviour, LordText
CLIThe billows swell, the winds are highText
CLIIWith joy let each afflicted saintText
CLIIIGreat leader of thine Israel's hostText
CLIVWhy should I doubt his love at lastText
CLVLord, how mysterious are thy ways!Text
CLVISovereign of life, I own thy handText
CLVIIThanks to thy name, O Lord, that weText
CLVIIIAwake our drowsy soulsText
CLIXThe joyful morn, my God, is comeText
CLXAnother six days' work is doneText
CLXIFrequent the day of God returnsText
CLXIIWhen, O dear Jesus, when shall IText
CLXIIIThine earthly Sabbaths, Lord we loveText
CLXIVSing to the Lord aboveText
CLXVEnquire, ye pilgrims, for the wayText
CLXVIOn Sion, his own holy mountText
CLXVIIFather, is not thy promise pledg'dText
CLXVIIIAll hail, incarnate God!Text
CLXIXDear Shepherd of thy people hearText
CLXXHow charming is the placeText
CLXXILord of the worlds aboveText
CLXXIIDear Lord, and will thy pardoning loveText
CLXXIIIThus was the great Redeemer plung'dText
CLXXIVSee how the willing converts traceText
CLXXVYe wretched, hungry, starving poorText
CLXXVICome, see on bloody CalvaryText
CLXXVIIHere at thy table, Lord, we meetText
CLXXVIIISo fair a face bedewed with tearsText
CLXXIXGreat God, we sing that mighty handText
CLXXXFather of mercies! God of love!Text
CLXXXIFrom winter's barren clodsText
CLXXXIITo praise the ever bounteous LoedText
CLXXXIIISee how rude winter's icy handText
CLXXXIVEternal source of every joyText
CLXXXVHeav'nly Father here we bless theeText
CLXXXVILure' by the fading joys of timeText
CLXXXVIIEternal God! enthron'd on high!Text
CLXXXVIIIAlmighty Maker of my frameText
CLXXXIXTeach me the measure of my daysText
CXCOft as the bell, with solemn tollText
CXCIHow long shall earth's alluring toysText
CXCIIEternity is just at handText
CXCIIIYe virgin souls ariseText
CXCIVWhen death appears before my sightText
CXCVWhile on the verge of life I standText
CXCVIPrepare me, gracious GodText
CXCVIIHow long shall death, the tyrant, reignText
CXCVIIIMethinks the last great day is comeText
CXCIXWhen thou mu righteous Judge shalt comeText
CCCome, Lord, and warm each languid heartText

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