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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
5101O Life in whom is life indeed[O Life in whom is life indeed]TextScoreAudio
5102O Lord, I will delight in TheeRICHMOND (Haweis)TextScoreAudio
5103O Lord Jesus, Lamb of GodNUN KOMMTextScoreAudio
5104O Light of light, by love inclinedWHITEHALLTextScoreAudio
5105O Lord, look down from Heaven, beholdACH GOTT VON HIMMELScoreAudio
5106O Lord of life, where'er they beGELOBT SEI GOTTTextScoreAudio
5107O Lord of life, and love, and powerBETHLEHEMTextScoreAudio
5108O Lord, life is sacred, a gift from aboveGORDONTextScoreAudio
5109O Lord of life, Thy kingdom is at handOMAHATextScoreAudio
5110O Lord and Master of us allST. ANNETextScoreAudio
5111O lead my blindness by the handLAMBETH (Akeroyd)TextScoreAudio
5112O let me walk with Thee, my GodMORTONTextScoreAudio
5113O Lord my God! how great art ThouHAMBURGTextScoreAudio
5114O Lord, my God, most earnestlySTRACATHROTextScoreAudio
5115O Lord, my God, my joyful heartCALMTextScoreAudio
5116O Lord, make haste to hear my cryCANNONSTextScoreAudio
5117O Lord most high, eternal KingEASTWICKTextScoreAudio
5118O Lord, my earnest cryWELCOME VOICETextScoreAudio
5119You lift me up, You keep my enemies away[You lift me up, You keep my enemies away]
5120O Lord, our fathers oft have toldSTUKELYTextScoreAudio
5121O Lord, our Father, shall we be confoundedHERZLIEBSTER JESUTextScoreAudio
5122Lord, our Father, thanks to TheeNUN FREUT EUCHTextScoreAudio
5123O Lord, our God, almighty KingSHORTLETextScoreAudio
5124O Lord of glory! who couldst leaveST. CATHERINE (Walton)TextScoreAudio
5125O Lord, our God, Thy mighty handREPUBLICTextScoreAudio
5126O Lord, our heav'nly KingDONCASTERTextScoreAudio
5127O Lord of hosts, whose glory fillsMELCOMBETextScoreAudio
5128O Lord, my God, for Thy name's sakeFINGALTextScoreAudio
5129O Lord, my inmost heart and thoughtGUTERHIRTTextScoreAudio
5130O Lord, almighty God, Thy worksYORKTextScoreAudio
5131O Lord, to us Thy mercy showMELITATextScoreAudio
5132O Lord of Heav'n and earth and seaALMSGIVING (Dykes)TextScoreAudio
5133O Lord of life, to Thee we lift FOREST GREENTextScoreAudio
5134O Lord our God, ariseLABANTextScoreAudio
5135O Lord, our Lord, in all the earthDUNFERMLINETextScoreAudio
5136O Lord, our God, in adorationST. CLEMENTTextScoreAudio
5137O Lord, we praise Thee, bless Thee, and adore TheeGOTT SEI GELOBETScoreAudio
5138O Lord of life, Thy quickening voiceSOHOTextScoreAudio
5139O Lord most high, with all my heartROCKINGHAM (Miller)TextScoreAudio
5140O Lord, within my soul[O Lord, within my soul]TextScoreAudio
5141O Lord, our strength in weaknessSTOKETextScoreAudio
5142O Lord, Thou judge of all the earthBELOITTextScoreAudio
5143O Lord, our Lord, how wondrous greatSAXONY (Kirkpatrick)TextScoreAudio
5144O Love divine, that stooped to shareMOZARTTextScoreAudio
5145O Love divine, what hast thou doneSELENATextScoreAudio
5146O love of God, how strong and trueBROOKFIELDTextScoreAudio
5147O love, how deep, how broad, how highDEO GRACIASTextScoreAudio
5148O love of Christ that faileth not[O love of Christ that faileth not]TextScoreAudio
5149O Love! O Life! Our faith and sightTRANSFIGURATION (Lutkin)TextScoreAudio
5150Our Lord the path of suff'ring trodSALUS MORTALIUMTextScoreAudio
5151O Lord, Thy all discerning eyesJESUS IS GODTextScoreAudio
5152O Lord, Thou art my God and kingDUKE STREETTextScoreAudio
5153O Lord, Thou art my God and kingDOVERSDALETextScoreAudio
5154O love that casts out fearST. CECILIA (Hayne)TextScoreAudio
5155O Lord, Thou hast ascendedMISSIONARY HYMNTextScoreAudio
5156O Lord, Thy perfect righteousnessCHURCHTextScoreAudio
5157O Lord, 'tis matter of high praiseABERDEENTextScoreAudio
5158O Lord, turn not Thy face from meST. MARYTextScoreAudio
5159O Lord, to Thee I cryABERTextScoreAudio
5160O Love that wilt not let me goST. MARGARET (Peace)TextScoreAudio
5161O Lord, Thy work reviveMORNINGTONTextScoreAudio
5162O Lord, to whom the spirits liveBARRAGHTextScoreAudio
5163O Love, who formedst me to wearBREMEN (Neumark)TextScoreAudio
5164O Lord, who in Thy love divineST. PETERSBURGTextScoreAudio
5165O Lord, with toil our days are filledGOUDATextScoreAudio
5166O Lord, while we confess the worthSERENITYTextScoreAudio
5167O make a joyful noise, ye landsFRECHTextScoreAudio
5168O master workman of the raceAMESBURYTextScoreAudio
5169O mercy divine, O couldst Thou inclineCRADLE SONGTextScoreAudio
5170O my God, I fear Thee! Thou art very highEUROPATextScoreAudio
5171On my heart imprint Thine imageDER AM KREUZTextScoreAudio
5172O mighty God, when I behold the wonder[O mighty God, when I behold the wonder]TextScoreAudio
5173O mind of God, broad as the skySERENITYTextScoreAudio
5174O Master, let me walk with TheeMARYTONTextScoreAudio
5175Omnipotent Lord, my Savior and KingHANOVERTextScoreAudio
5176O magnify the Lord with meMAGNIFYTextScoreAudio
5177O magnify the Lord with me[O magnify the Lord with me]TextScoreAudio
5178O Master of the waking worldMELITATextScoreAudio
5179O mother dear, JerusalemMATERNATextScoreAudio
5180O merciful Creator, hearFORDTextScoreAudio
5181Of mercy and of justiceFARMERTextScoreAudio
5182O Master, it is good to beHAYESTextScoreAudio
5183O mean may seem this house of clayST. MARGUERITETextScoreAudio
5184O mighty man, why wilt thou boastWALTHAM (Calkin)TextScoreAudio
5185O morning star, how fair and bright[O morning star, how fair and bright]TextScoreAudio
5186O Maker of the sea and skySANTA TRINITATextScoreAudio
5187O my Savior, liftedNORTH COATESTextScoreAudio
5188Once more the solemn season callsHEREFORD (Ouseley)TextScoreAudio
5189O Maker of the mighty deepMEIRINGENTextScoreAudio
5190O Master, when Thou callestST. EDITHTextScoreAudio
5191O my soul, bless God the FatherSTUTTGARTTextScoreAudio
5192O mystery of love divineMANOAHTextScoreAudio
5193O my Savior, glorifiedNOTTINGHAMTextScoreAudio
5194O my soul, bless thou JehovahAUTUMNTextScoreAudio
5195O my Savior, hear me[O my Savior, hear me]TextScoreAudio
5196O name, all other names aboveWOODOAKSTextScoreAudio
5197On the birthday of the Lord[On the birthday of the Lord]TextScoreAudio
5198Once in Bethlehem of Judah[Once in Bethlehem of Judah]TextScoreAudio
5199Once o'er Judea's hills by night[Once o'er Judea's hills by night]TextScoreAudio
5200Once to every man and nationEBENEZERTextScoreAudio

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