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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
15920Mark the lonely mound, where the rak weeds waveANTIPOLOTextScoreAudio
15921Rise! ye people, who have heardAJMANTextScoreAudio
15922There are joys we fondly cherishMARRAKESHTextScoreAudio
15923If we can not plant our cottageTANGIERTextScoreAudio
15924Holy Sabbath, happy morningNADORTextScoreAudio
15925Onward, right onward!SHARM EL SHEIKHTextScoreAudio
15926Jesus said, how sweet the story![Jesus said, how sweet the story]TextScoreAudio
15927He leadeth me, He leadeth me[He leadeth me, He leadeth me]TextScoreAudio
15928Are you waiting, brother, waitingMISRATAScoreAudio
15929We should never be discouragedKAZANTextScoreAudio
15930There is an hour of calm reliefYEKATERINBURGTextScoreAudio
15931I wait for Thee, O Lord!KRASNODARTextScoreAudio
15932In the strife with sin and errorVORONEZHTextScoreAudio
15933As doves to their windows when darkness draws nighSAMARATextScoreAudio
15934I have sought in worldly pleasureKRASNOYARSKTextScoreAudio
15935Is there joy among the angels[Is there joy among the angels]TextScoreAudio
15936Ten virgins went forth with their shining lampsVOLGOGRADTextScoreAudio
15937A dear little face looked up into mine[A dear little face looked up into mine]TextScoreAudio
15938When my life with sin was filled[When my life with sin was filled]TextScoreAudio
15939In your secret heart, my brother[In your secret heart, my brother]TextScoreAudio
15940Have a little patienceUFAText
15941Tempest tossed and storm bewildered[Tempest tossed and storm bewildered]TextScoreAudio
15942I sought and found my Lord and kingOMSKTextScoreAudio
15943When heavy clouds o’erspread my skyCHELYABINSKTextScoreAudio
15944I fear not the clouds that my sky may bedim[I fear not the clouds that my sky may bedim]TextScoreAudio
15945Some day, I know not where or whenNIZHNY NOVGORODTextScoreAudio
15946The whole wide world for Jesus!LAMPEDUSATextScoreAudio
15947Once I was bound, but Jesus released me[Once I was bound, but Jesus released me]TextScoreAudio
15948There is coming a day[There is coming a day]TextScoreAudio
15949What vessel are you sailing in?VILLAVICENCIOTextScoreAudio
15950Savior, hear my pleading[Savior, hear my pleading]TextScoreAudio
15951Tho’ the pathway seemeth dark and dreary[Tho’ the pathway seemeth dark and dreary]TextScoreAudio
15952Rise, O my soul, to higher joys awakingKHMELNYTSKYITextScoreAudio
15953A joyful song I love to sing[A joyful song I love to sing]TextScoreAudio
15954Tho’ waves dash around me[Tho’ waves dash around me]TextScoreAudio
15955Blessed the hour when Jesus first spoke[Blessed the hour when Jesus first spoke]TextScoreAudio
15956Have you nothing to do? in this world of ours,[Have you nothing to do? in this world of ours]TextScoreAudio
15957Oh, bless the Lord, my soul[Oh, bless the Lord, my soul]TextScoreAudio
15958The stormy path of earthly lifeBROVARYTextScoreAudio
15959I am guided on the wayZAPORIZHZHIATextScoreAudio
15960None other now but JesusDONETSKTextScoreAudio
15961Jesus only! Let the visionLUHANSKTextScoreAudio
15962When the shades of coming sorrowCHERNIVTSITextScoreAudio
15963Laboring and heavy ladenBACHMUTTextAudio
15964Jesus, my Savior, is coming again[Jesus, my Savior, is coming again]TextScoreAudio
15965If you have a hope in JesusALCHEVSKTextScoreAudio
15966Children, in one glorious army[Children, in one glorious army]TextScoreAudio
15967Behold that mother’s wayward boy[Behold that mother’s wayward boy]TextScoreAudio
15968"Come to Me," the Father sayethROBOTYNEText
15969Crowns of glory ever brightZANETextScoreAudio
15970Oh, let me live for Christ alone[Oh, let me live for Christ alone]TextScoreAudio
15971Hear you not the voice of Jesus[Hear you not the voice of Jesus]TextScoreAudio
15972Awake! arise! put on thy strength[Awake! arise! put on thy strength]TextScoreAudio
15973Sinner, come to Jesus[Sinner, come to Jesus]TextScoreAudio
15974God has His best things for the fewBHĀRATTextScoreAudio
15975Exalt the eternal SonCAMBRIDGETextScoreAudio
15976See your exalted LordSCHUMANNTextScoreAudio
15977When Adam sinned, through all his raceMARTYRDOMTextScoreAudio
15978Who will work for Jesus in the harvest field[Who will work for Jesus in the harvest field]TextScoreAudio
15979Earthly friends may prove untrue[Earthly friends may prove untrue]TextScoreAudio
15980When, by the tempter’s wiles betrayedVESTALTextScoreAudio
15981When Satan saw his rebel hostBRESLAUTextScoreAudio
15982Songs of rejoicing now fall on our earsVUHLEDARTextScoreAudio
15983So near the cleansing FountainTOKMAKTextScoreAudio
15984Wouldst thou, O weary soul, be blest?[Wouldst thou, O weary soul, be blest?]TextScoreAudio
15985More and more the weight of gloryCASABLANCATextScoreAudio
15986"I thirst, I thirst," the Savior saidBONAIRETextScoreAudio
15987As softly thro’ the silent hoursBALLARDTextScoreAudio
15988Watch and pray! when Satan tempts theeUŞAKScoreAudio
15989O joyful life, to live for GodKERMANScoreAudio
15990I will sing the love of JesusROPPONGITextScoreAudio
15991Be earnest, my brothers, in word and in deed[Be earnest, my brothers, in word and in deed]TextScoreAudio
15992Is it true that I must lie[Is it true that I must lie]TextScoreAudio
15993Over the thorn and thistle[Over the thorn and thistle]TextScoreAudio
15994There is a hand, unseen by meACONCAGUATextScoreAudio
15995In the book of God so preciousGUANGXIText
15996I have read how the Lord[I have read how the Lord]TextScoreAudio
15997We are waiting by the riverTHESSALONIKITextScoreAudio
15998There’s a land all free from sadnessSANCTUARYTextScoreAudio
15999The world is changing every dayZIELONA GÓRATextScoreAudio
16000Do I not need Thee, Savior divine?IǦDIRText
16001Sing the song, the tri­umph songBALOCHISTANTextScoreAudio
16002When my soul is sing­ing[When my soul is sing­ing]TextScoreAudio
16003Beyond the sha­dow-land there liesNOVOROSSIYSKTextScoreAudio
16004If you’re go­ing up to Hea­venSALTILLOTextScoreAudio
16005Savior, hear us, through Thy mer­itLAYTONText
16006Awake! ye saints of God! awakeWLLARDTextScoreAudio
16007The Lord ev­er an­swer your cries of dis­tressST. DENIOTextScoreAudio
16008Blessed be the God of Is­ra­elFOREST GREENTextScoreAudio
16009To Ju­dah’s rug­ged lof­ty landZERAHTextScoreAudio
16010I give im­mor­tal praiseEMBRYTextScoreAudio
16011Some day I’ll lay my burden downSDEROTTextScoreAudio
16012Burdened by sin and despairing[Burdened by sin and despairing]TextScoreAudio
16013We are marching to that land[We are marching to that land]TextScoreAudio
16014’Twas a dark and gloomy night[’Twas a dark and gloomy night]TextScoreAudio
16015As I contemplate life’s jour­ney[As I contemplate life’s jour­ney]TextScoreAudio
16016We’ll enter our beautiful home up in glory[We’ll enter our beautiful home up in glory]TextScoreAudio
16017I love that land, that holy land[I love that land, that holy land]TextScoreAudio
16018We have a firm foun­da­tionASHKELONTextScoreAudio
16019There’ll be shouting in the air[There’ll be shouting in the air]TextScoreAudio

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