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The Cyber Hymnal

The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1301The earth belongs to the Lord [The earth belongs to the Lord]TextScoreAudio
1302The earth for ever is the Lord'sBEATITUDOTextScoreAudio
1303Earth has many a noble citySTUTTGARTTextScoreAudio
1304Earth, with all its dark and dreadful illsSAWLEYTextScoreAudio
1305Lift up, O little children[Lift up, O little children]TextScoreAudio
1306Roses bring and lilies sweet[Roses bring and lilies sweet]TextScore
1307Now we hail the joyous chime[Now we hail the joyous chime]TextScoreAudio
1308Long ago on Easter dayNAPLESTextScoreAudio
1309All nature is sleeping, the world's wrapped in death[All nature is sleeping, the world's wrapped in death]TextScoreAudio
1310Hark! the Easter bells are pealing[Hark! the Easter bells are pealing]TextScoreAudio
1311I will meet you in the morning[I will meet you in the morning]TextScoreAudio
1312We a band of faithful workers[We a band of faithful workers]TextScoreAudio
1313No bloom of spring had dared to liftDEPAUWTextScoreAudio
1314In grief's passion, deep and holyBRISBANETextScoreAudio
1315From the sea the mist floats slowlyBONAR (Calkin)TextScoreAudio
1316Snowdrops! lift your timid headsEASTER SONGTextScoreAudio
1317The earth belongs to the LordMARCHING TO ZIONTextScoreAudio
1318The earth belongs unto the LordST. MATTHEWTextScoreAudio
1319Echoes of glory are ringing[Echoes of glory are ringing]TextScoreAudio
1320Softly down the lapse of ages[Softly down the lapse of ages]TextScoreAudio
1321Eternal depth of love divineOCTAVIUSTextScoreAudio
1322We shall meet in the Eden above[We shall meet in the Eden above]TextScoreAudio
1323My Savior's praises I will sing[My Savior's praises I will sing]TextScoreAudio
1324Eternal Father, Thou hast saidBATTLE HYMNTextScoreAudio
1325Eternal Father, when to TheeWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
1326The eternal gifts of Christ the KingAETERNA CHRISTI MUNERATextScoreAudio
1327Eternal God, whose power upholdsAMESBURYTextScoreAudio
1328Eternal God, mover unmovedHONORO PATRISTextScoreAudio
1329Eternal Glory of the skyWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
1330Eternal God, we look to TheeBANGORTextScoreAudio
1331Exalted high at God's right handMISSIONARY CHANTTextScoreAudio
1332The earth is hushed in silenceLORD'S DAYTextScoreAudio
1333Enthroned is Jesus nowLANGTONTextScoreAudio
1334Ere I sleep, for every favorTHANETTextScoreAudio
1335Elijah made a sacrifice[Elijah made a sacrifice]TextScoreAudio
1336Early, my God, without delayST. MARKTextScoreAudio
1337Eternal Monarch, King most highDEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextScoreAudio
1338Every morning the red sunST. FAITHTextScoreAudio
1339Ere mountains reared their forms sublimeHAMBURGTextScoreAudio
1340Earth's mighty Maker, whose commandILLSLEYTextScoreAudio
1341With a strong and glad endeavorABNEYTextScoreAudio
1342An endless line of splendorLANCASHIRETextScoreAudio
1343I have tried to count His blessings[I have tried to count His blessings]TextScoreAudio
1344The ends of all the earth shall hearVISIONTextScoreAudio
1345When I come to the end of the long, long road[When I come to the end of the long, long road]TextScoreAudio
1346Enslaved to sense, to pleasure proneST. FRANCESTextScoreAudio
1347Enter and worship hereMORNINGTONTextScoreAudio
1348Enthroned on high, almighty LordROMBERGTextScoreAudio
1349Entreat me not to leave thee[Entreat me not to leave thee]TextScoreAudio
1350Eternal One, Thou living GodWINCHESTER NEWTextScoreAudio
1351The earth, O Lord, is one wide fieldMANCHESTER NEWTextScoreAudio
1352Eternal power, whose high abodeROCKINGHAM (Miller)TextScoreAudio
1353Ere the blue heav'ns were stretched abroadTRUROTextScoreAudio
1354Ere God had built the mountainsCHENIESTextScoreAudio
1355Ere yet the dawn has filled the skiesVON HIMMEL HOCHTextScoreAudio
1356Enslaved by sin and bound in chainsWENN WIR IN HÖCHSTEN NÖTENTextScoreAudio
1357Eternal Son, eternal LoveHEBRONTextScoreAudio
1358Eternal source of joys divineEDEN (Havergal)TextScoreAudio
1359Established in the highest heavensREMSENTextScoreAudio
1360Eternal Spirit! we confessLUTONTextScoreAudio
1361Eternal beam of light divineANGELS' SONGTextScoreAudio
1362Eternity! EternityKIRKEN DEN ER ETTextScoreAudio
1363Eternal Father, strong to saveMELITATextScoreAudio
1364Eternal, spotless Lamb of GodHE LEADETH METextScoreAudio
1365O sinner, remember, though fair be life's day[O sinner, remember, though fair be life's day]TextScoreAudio
1366Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless roundSONG 1 (Gibbons)TextScoreAudio
1367Eternal Spirit, comeBANGOR (Toronto)TextScoreAudio
1368Oh, the clanging bells of time[Oh, the clanging bells of time]TextScoreAudio
1369Eternal Light! eternal LightNEWCASTLETextScoreAudio
1370Eternal God, how they're increasedWORCESTER (Playford)TextScoreAudio
1371Deep and grand in tones sublime[Deep and grand in tones sublime]TextScoreAudio
1372Eternal Power, of earth and airTRUROTextScoreAudio
1373Time's clock is striking the hour[Time's clock is striking the hour]TextScoreAudio
1374Eternal Light, DivinityMONTGOMERYTextScoreAudio
1375Eternal source of every joyWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
1376Eternal Spirit, God of truthSARAH (Gabriel)TextScoreAudio
1377Eternal Sun of righteousnessEVANTextScoreAudio
1378Men of faith and men of courage[Men of faith and men of courage]TextScoreAudio
1379Lord, I hear of showers of blessingEVEN METextScoreAudio
1380Evening and morning, sunset and dawningDIE GÜLDNE SONNETextScoreAudio
1381Evensong is hushed in silenceEVENING HYMNTextScoreAudio
1382Everyone should be quick to listen--hear now and heed--FOOTPRINTS OF JESUSTextScoreAudio
1383If you ask me why I'm happy as I journey down life's road[If you ask me why I'm happy as I journey down life's road]TextScoreAudio
1384Ever would I fain be readingGALILEE (Jude)TextScoreAudio
1385Hail to the morn when Christ is born[Hail to the morn when Christ is born]ScoreAudio
1386Everlasting life! is the promise giv'n[Everlasting life! is the promise giv'n]TextScoreAudio
1387Since I started out to find Thee[Since I started out to find Thee]TextScoreAudio
1388Holy, holy, holy[Holy, holy, holy]TextScoreAudio
1389Every morning mercies newEVERY MORNINGTextScoreAudio
1390Oh, the music rolling onwardTOPEKATextScoreAudio
1391If I have wounded any soul today[If I have wounded any soul today]TextScoreAudio
1392Come, O my soul, my ev'ry pow'r awaking[Come, O my soul, my ev'ry pow'r awaking]TextScoreAudio
1393The earth with all her fullness ownsEDEN (Mason)TextScoreAudio
1394Earth, with all thy thousand voicesAUSTRIA (Haydn)TextScoreAudio
1395Eternal wisdom! Thee we praiseJACKSONTextScoreAudio
1396Exalt the Lord our GodACCRATextScoreAudio
1397Exalt the Lord, His praise proclaimCREATIONTextScoreAudio
1398An exile for the faithUTRETCHTTextScoreAudio
1399Extended on a cursèd treeSPIRESTextScoreAudio
1400I do not ask for earthly store[I do not ask for earthly store]TextScoreAudio

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