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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
16119Let the sin­ner prize his trea­sureKIRK ELLATextScoreAudio
16120Jehovah built the earth and skiesTRUROTextScoreAudio
16121When God des­cends, a stream­ing fireASCRIPTIONTextScoreAudio
16122How painful is the taskAYLSEBURYTextScoreAudio
16123The word of truth’s a spa­cious fieldGERONTIUSTextScoreAudio
16124Dear Lord, Thy word of truth af­fordsLAMBETHTextScoreAudio
16125Fixed the cov’nant is, and cer­tainST. AUSTINText
16126From the hun­dred sheep which the Shep­herd’s care[From the hun­dred sheep which the Shep­herd’s care]TextScoreAudio
16127My Lord, in glo­ry reign­ingWALTHAM ABBEYText
16128Indulgent God! how kindDARWALL'S 148THTextScoreAudio
16129This life will end some fu­ture dayBREMERTONTextScoreAudio
16130My pre­cious Sav­ior suf­fered pain and ago­ny[My pre­cious Sav­ior suf­fered pain and ago­ny]TextScoreAudio
16131God’s to­mor­row is a day of glad­ness[God’s to­mor­row is a day of glad­ness]TextScoreAudio
16132While Thou, O my God, art my help and de­fend­er[While Thou, O my God, art my help and de­fend­er]TextAudio
16133A life to­ge­ther in love and troth[A life to­ge­ther in love and troth]TextScoreAudio
16134Love from God, our LordLILLY DALETextScoreAudio
16135Christ in me, the hope of glo­ry[Christ in me, the hope of glo­ry]TextScoreAudio
16136Dear Je­sus! ev­er at my sideWEEHAWKENTextScoreAudio
16137Thy will, not mine, O LordNYACKTextScoreAudio
16138Will you to­day ac­cept the Lord?MUKILTEOTextScoreAudio
16139Sometimes the sha­dows o’er me fallGRANITE FALLSTextScoreAudio
16140Our light af­flict­ions, which a mo­ment lastGOLD BARTextScoreAudio
16141When I, dear Lord, arise from sleepBEAVERTONTextScoreAudio
16142Sweetly sleep, oh! friends so dearTUALATINTextScoreAudio
16143The Mas­ter stands out­side the door[The Mas­ter stands out­side the door]TextScoreAudio
16144Are you rea­dy for the dawn­ing[Are you rea­dy for the dawn­ing]TextScoreAudio
16145There’s a crown of re­joic­ing, O reap­er[There’s a crown of re­joic­ing, O reap­er]TextScoreAudio
16146O’er all the land have the signs now ap­peared[O’er all the land have the signs now ap­peared]TextScoreAudio
16147Sweet pro­mise, I will come again[Sweet pro­mise, I will come again]TextScoreAudio
16148The com­ing King is at the door[The com­ing King is at the door]TextScoreAudio
16149O Chris­tian! have you heard it?GOLCONDATextScoreAudio
16150The lit­tle birds now seek their nestTHE LITTLE BIRDSTextScoreAudio
16151We have loved ones gone be­fore usBRASILTextScoreAudio
16152What a won­drous mes­sage in God’s Word![What a won­drous mes­sage in God’s Word]TextScoreAudio
16153There are voic­es, an­gel voicesFORTALEZATextScoreAudio
16154Come to this shel­ter, safe re­treat[Come to this shel­ter, safe re­treat]TextScoreAudio
16155At ev­en­ing time it shall be lightGOIÁSTextScoreAudio
16156The Savior stands outside the doorGOIÂNIATextScoreAudio
16157My Savior, who died on the cross for my sin[My Savior, who died on the cross for my sin]TextScoreAudio
16158The whole cre­ation was un­doneSAWLEYTextScoreAudio
16159Ye mourn­ing saints, be­holdTRENTHAMTextScoreAudio
16160Who can cheer the heart like Je­susCEARÁTextScoreAudio
16161Jesus leaves His throne on highAMSTERDAMTextScoreAudio
16162Emerging from yon si­lent graveLOUELLATextScoreAudio
16163Yea, Holy Jesus! in the sac­red pageCONFIDENCETextScoreAudio
16164Sing Al­le­luia, all ye lands!BURDURTextScoreAudio
16165Moonbeams are stream­ing[Moonbeams are stream­ing]Text
16166Ring out the an­them, Je­sus lives[Ring out the an­them, Je­sus lives]TextScoreAudio
16167Let the whole world chant and sing[Let the whole world chant and sing]TextScoreAudio
16168Put on thy beau­ti­ful robes, Bride of Christ[Put on thy beau­ti­ful robes, Bride of Christ]TextScoreAudio
16169Hallelujah, raise the song[Hallelujah, raise the song]TextScoreAudio
16170Merrily the East­er bellsPARÁTextScoreAudio
16171Hark! bright an­gels sweet­ly sing[Hark! bright an­gels sweet­ly sing]TextScoreAudio
16172Come, ye, lift your joy­ous voic­esRONDÔNIATextScoreAudio
16173O joy­ous East­er morn­ingKIRKLARELITextScoreAudio
16174Hallelujah! song of tri­umphGALILEETextScoreAudio
16175Tell the sto­ry of the Ris­enKYUSHUTextScoreAudio
16176Rejoice! to­day earth tells abroad[Rejoice! to­day earth tells abroad]TextScoreAudio
16177Christ is ris­en! lift the songPORTO FELIZTextScoreAudio
16178Christ, we sing Thy sav­ing pass­ionTUNCELITextScoreAudio
116179Every flow­er that blos­soms fresh from mol­dy earthBARTINTextScoreAudio
16179Joy of joys! He lives, He livesKIRIKKALETextScoreAudio
16180Days grow long­er, sun­beams strong­erBAYBURTTextScoreAudio
16181Songs of gladness; songs of praise[Songs of gladness; songs of praise]TextScoreAudio
16182O dear­est Lord, Thy sac­red headSTANLEY PONTLARGETextScoreAudio
16183At the tomb where Christ hath beenELLINGHAMTextScoreAudio
16184Christ our God and Lord is ris­en[Christ our God and Lord is ris­en]TextScoreAudio
16185When our jour­ney shall be o’er[When our jour­ney shall be o’er,]TextScoreAudio
16186I came to Jor­dan’s sul­len stream[I came to Jor­dan’s sul­len stream]TextScoreAudio
16187When we ga­ther at the ri­ver[When we ga­ther at the ri­ver]TextScoreAudio
16188Ransomed ones are safe­ly cross­ing[Ransomed ones are safe­ly cross­ing]TextScoreAudio
16189Our Re­deem­er has gone to pre­pare us a home[Our Re­deem­er has gone to pre­pare us a home]TextScoreAudio
16190When we get home above[When we get home above]TextScoreAudio

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