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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
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11422I have a friend, a precious friend[I have a friend, a precious friend]TextScoreAudio
11423Who can wash a sinner’s guilt away?[Who can wash a sinner’s guilt away?]TextScoreAudio
11424When the troubles gather and the billows roll[When the troubles gather and the billows roll]TextScoreAudio
11425They tell me there are dangersCICEROTextScoreAudio
11426One little hour for watching with the MasterWOLFSBURGTextScoreAudio
11427Saved by grace alone, God’s own word believing[Saved by grace alone, God’s own word believing]TextScoreAudio
11428O the grace of God is boundless[O the grace of God is boundless]TextScoreAudio
11429To that summer land up yonder[To that summer land up yonder]TextScoreAudio
11430Till I learned to love Thy nameSALVATION'S STORYTextScoreAudio
11431Loved! then the way will not be drearMEMORIALTextScoreAudio
11432My happy soul rejoices[My happy soul rejoices]TextScoreAudio
11433As the shadows of the night round are falling[As the shadows of the night round are falling]TextScoreAudio
11434The dear loving Savior hath found me[The dear loving Savior hath found me]TextScoreAudio
11435Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine[Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine]TextScoreAudio
11436I’ve seen the face of JesusWONDROUS SIGHTText
11437I want to be more like Jesus[I want to be more like Jesus]TextScoreAudio
11438On for Jesus! steady be your arm and brave[On for Jesus! steady be your arm and brave]TextScoreAudio
11439Trav’ling on the sea of life we’re homeward bound[Trav’ling on the sea of life we’re homeward bound]TextScoreAudio
11440The Lord hath made this world of ours[The Lord hath made this world of ours]TextScoreAudio
11441To my blessed Lord and Savior[To my blessed Lord and Savior]TextScoreAudio
11442Tho’ dark the path my feet may tread[Tho’ dark the path my feet may tread]TextScoreAudio
11443O blessed lights along the shoreTREVISOTextScoreAudio
11444While across time’s ocean sailingMANAUSTextScoreAudio
11445From Egypt’s cruel bondage fledSANTA ROSATextScoreAudio
11446For Christ and the Church, let our voices ring[For Christ and the Church, let our voices ring]TextScoreAudio
11447O God the great, the fearful GodLEST WE FORGETTextScoreAudio
11448God of infinite compassionIN MEMORIAMTextScoreAudio
11449Jesu, sin-atoning LambORMESBYText
11450Merciful God, to Thee we cryADVENTTextScoreAudio
11451Sinners, the call obeyBEALOTHTextScoreAudio
11452The dreadful day is comeFREYLINGHAUSENTextScoreAudio
11453Happy souls that Christ obeyBENEVENTOTextScoreAudio
11454Brethren, the end is nearCALVARYTextScoreAudio
11455Fly, to the mountains flyBANGOR TextScoreAudio
11456Master, we call to mind Thy WordCOMPLETE IN THEETextScoreAudio
11457Jesus, our help in time of needFIRST MODE MELODYTextScoreAudio
11458See, Lord, the purchase of Thy deathINDIA BASINTextScoreAudio
11459Lamb of God, we follow TheeABERYSTWYTHTextScoreAudio
11460Captain, we look to TheeDIADEMATATextScoreAudio
11461Jesu, Thy weak disciples seeFRANCESTextScoreAudio
11462Honor and praise, O Christ, receiveMACEDONTextScoreAudio
11463Come all who love the slaughtered LambI SEE THEE STANDINGTextScoreAudio
11464O King of saints with pitying eyeKIAWAHTextScoreAudio
11465Jesus, the glory take!WORSHIPText
11466Shepherd of souls, Thy sheep beholdSICILIATextAudio
11467And shall we now turn backACCRATextScoreAudio
11468Get thee behind us, fiendGÖTTINGENText
11469Head of Thy suffering Church belowCREATIONTextScoreAudio
11470Lord, we have all forsookOLIVETTextScoreAudio
11471Omnipotent King, who reignest on highLYONSTextScoreAudio
11472All conquering Lord, whom sinners adoreASPINWALLTextScoreAudio
11473Only a few more yearsPOTTSVILLETextScoreAudio
11474Sinners, obey the gracious callMERTHYR TYDFILTextScoreAudio
11475Lamb of God, who bear’st awayREDHEADTextScoreAudio
11476The day, the dreadful day draws nighMATLOCKTextScoreAudio
11477O God, Thy righteousness we ownPATER OMNIUMTextScoreAudio
11478Come, O my chosen people comeKING OF KINGSTextScoreAudio
11479Bishop of souls, regard our cryHIGHTONTextScoreAudio
11480Dreadful sin chastising GodORMESBYTextScoreAudio
11481Thou awful God, whose righteous ireMELITATextScoreAudio
11482My Father God of pow’r and mightTRIUNE ADORATIONTextScoreAudio
11483Blow ye the trump, in Sion blowVERNONTextScoreAudio
11484Wherefore He now in mercy criesVISIONTextScoreAudio
11485Then, then the Gospel day shall riseADORO TETextScoreAudio
11486The Lord is king, ye saints rejoiceBUCARESTITextScoreAudio
11487Out in the breakers are perishing souls[Out in the breakers are perishing souls]TextScoreAudio
11491I believe in the story never old[I believe in the story never old]TextScoreAudio
11492The sunshine I have found[The sunshine I have found]TextScoreAudio
11493Brethren in Christ, and well-belovedEIGENBROOKTextScoreAudio
11494Sing ye with praise unto the LordSOUTWARKTextScoreAudio
11495In my soul oft rises, bringing pain and woe[In my soul oft rises, bringing pain and woe]TextScoreAudio
11496Have ye heard the song from the golden land?[Have ye heard the song from the golden land?]TextScoreAudio
11497Great God, who, ready to forgiveMELITATextScoreAudio
11498Jesus, Savior, our risen LordMESSIANIC PRAISETextScoreAudio
11499God of glorious majestyORMESBYTextScoreAudio
11500When the King comes back from the far-off landEDITHTextScoreAudio
11501Happy home coming of our king[Happy home coming of our king]TextScoreAudio
11502Tremendous Lord of earth, and skiesINDIA BASINTextScoreAudio
11503God of my salvation, hearFAITHTextScoreAudio
11504Lo! I come with joy to doLLANGEITHOTextScoreAudio
11505God of awful majesty[God of awful majesty]TextScoreAudio
11506Whither are you going, pilgrims of a day?FARGOTextScoreAudio
11507From whence these dire portents around?ST. CATHERINETextScoreAudio
11508To the haven of Thy breastST. DOROTHEATextScoreAudio
11509As once to earth the Savior came[As once to earth the Savior came]TextScoreAudio
11510The Holy Ghost is comeDENNISTextScoreAudio
11511Day by day in love and favorBRANTFORDTextScoreAudio
11512Search me, O God! my actions tryST. FLAVIANTextScoreAudio
11513Long my willful heart said "no!"[Long my willful heart said "no!"]TextScoreAudio
11514I have heard my Savior callingAKOLOTextScoreAudio
11515Make use of me, my God!BADEATextScoreAudio
11516Out of darkness into light[Out of darkness into light]TextScoreAudio
11517Lord, we worship You and You aloneCELESTIAL ADORATIONTextScoreAudio
11518Merry Christmas bells are ringing[Merry Christmas bells are ringing]TextScoreAudio
11519Merry Christmas bells are ringing[Merry Christmas bells are ringing]TextScoreAudio
11520Merry Christmas to you all[Merry Christmas to you all]TextScoreAudio
11521Once I was dead in sinKENOSISTextScoreAudio
11522Welcome, sweet sunshine, thy bright reign beginIRVINETextScoreAudio
11523Teach us to pray! O Father, we look up to Thee!DOOR OF HOPETextScoreAudio
11524Lord Jesus Christ, we seek Thy faceGERMANYTextScoreAudio

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