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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
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10822Is your soul pressed down with care?[Is your soul pressed down with care]TextScoreAudio
10823It first was unfurled upon Bethlehem’s plainTHE STAR SPANGLED BANNERTextScoreAudio
10824It is good to praise th’ AlmightyHYMN TO JOYTextAudio
10825It was not sleep that bound my sightGOLDERS GREENTextScoreAudio
10826Drifting away from the SaviorPALO ALTOTextScoreAudio
10827Jesus, I long for TheeBETHANYTextScoreAudio
10828Why do you linger, why do you stay[Why do you linger, why do you stay]TextScoreAudio
10829My soul at last a rest hath foundTARTUTextScoreAudio
10830How sweet the joy that fills my soulAMISTADTextScoreAudio
10831A friend have I who’s ever near[A friend have I who's ever near]TextScoreAudio
10832Satisfied my highest longing[Satisfied my highest longing]TextScoreAudio
10833It was the very noon of night: the stars above the fold[It was the very noon of night]TextScoreAudio
10834Jehovah’s arm is now revealed[Jehovah's arm is now revealed]TextScoreAudio
10835Jerusalem, lift up thy voice!VON HIMMEL HOCHTextScoreAudio
10836While struggling thro’ this vale of tears[While struggling thro' this vale of tears]TextScoreAudio
10837Jesu! Our eternal king!GOTT SEI DANKTextScoreAudio
10838Jesu, name of sweetest thoughtCULFORDTextScoreAudio
10839Jesus believes in you[Jesus believes in you]TextScoreAudio
10840Jesus came from His home on high[Jesus came from His home on high]TextScoreAudio
10841March onward, march onward! our banner of lightKASHMIRTextScoreAudio
10842Jesus Christ my Lord will keep meAR HYD Y NOSTextScoreAudio
10843Jesus died for you and meBLACK HILLSTextScoreAudio
10844Jesus has a table spread[Jesus has a table spread]TextScoreAudio
10845Jesus has lived! and we would bringBEAIT IMMACULATITextScoreAudio
10846Let the blessed Savior in[Let the blessed Savior in]TextScoreAudio
10847Jesus Christ my Lord will keep meAR HYD Y NOSTextScoreAudio
10848Jesus is born! hail to the morn![Jesus is born! hail to the morn]TextScoreAudio
10849Jesus is coming, is coming again[Jesus is coming, is coming again]TextScoreAudio
10850Jesus is living, and reigneth on highPHINEHASTextScoreAudio
10851’Tis a true and faithful sayingNICOBARTextScoreAudio
10852Rejoice! ye saints, again rejoice[Rejoice! ye saints, again rejoice]TextScoreAudio
10853The Savior of sinners from glory came down[The Savior of sinners from glory came down]TextScoreAudio
10854Take the shield of faith, my brotherCUENCATextScoreAudio
10855See the great promises, brotherSAGINAWTextScoreAudio
10856Long have they waited in the dark heathen lands[Long have they waited in the dark heathen lands]TextScoreAudio
10857Jesus is our loving shepherdGLEN ELLYNTextScoreAudio
10858Jesus is pleading with someone tonight[Jesus is pleading with someone tonight]TextScoreAudio
10859Jesus is tenderly calling for thee[Jesus is tenderly calling for thee]TextScoreAudio
10860Jesus is the friend of sinners[Jesus is the friend of sinners]TextScoreAudio
10861On the borders of eternity[On the borders of eternity]TextScoreAudio
10862Jesus is the star of guidance[Jesus is the star of guidance]TextScoreAudio
10863Jesus is victor, Jesus is King[Jesus is victor, Jesus is King]TextScoreAudio
10864Jesus lives! no longer nowLINDISFARNETextScoreAudio
10865Jesus loves children, the Bible says so[Jesus loves children, the Bible says so]TextScoreAudio
10866O’er the ocean’s rolling waters[O'er the ocean's rolling waters]TextScoreAudio
10867Jesus loves me—this I know[Jesus loves me–this I know]TextScoreAudio
10868Jesus loves the children[Jesus loves the children]TextScoreAudio
10869Jesus once lay in the mangerBELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORSTextScoreAudio
10870Jesus said with tender pleading[Jesus said with tender pleading]TextScoreAudio
10871He comes! He comes with trumpet sound[He comes! He comes with trumpet sound]TextScoreAudio
10872Jesus came to me, and He touched my eyes[Jesus came to me, and He touched my eyes]TextScoreAudio
10873Jesus stood on the shore, when the morning came[Jesus stood on the shore, when the morning came]TextScoreAudio
10874Jesus the Lord is bornDARWALL'S 148THTextScoreAudio
10875Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!LLANTHONYTextScoreAudio
10876I thank Thee, Lord, that I can castGRENOBLETextScoreAudio
10877Truth divine, by angels spokenINDORETextScoreAudio
10878Far away in a land that is darker than night[Far away in a land that is darker than night]TextScoreAudio
10879I have yielded myself to Thy serviceLIMBURGTextScore
10880Jesus, and may I work for TheeFRUMENTIUSTextScoreAudio
10881Oh God! by whom the seed is giv’nCAMDEN ROADTextScoreAudio
10882Jesus, draw us closer to Thee[Jesus, draw us closer to thee]TextScoreAudio
10883Jesus, from Thy servants taken!IN MEMORIAMTextScoreAudio
10884Jesus, great shepherd of the sheepEVANTextScoreAudio
10885Jesus, I come to Thee, longing for restHOUNSLOWTextScoreAudio
10886Come and rejoice with me!DOVERTextScoreAudio
10887The angel comes, he comes to reapCHESHIRETextScoreAudio
10888Jesus, King of glory, throned above the skyST. ALBANTextScoreAudio
10889Jesus, my king, with thorn-crowned browWHITBY ABBEYTextScoreAudio
10890Jesus, my Savior, what didst Thou seeKETTLEBELLTextScoreAudio
10891Though sorrows rise, and dangers rollSWEET HOURTextScoreAudio
10892Jesus, o'er the grave victoriousCHIGWELLTextScoreAudio
10893Jesus, our Lord, ascend Thy throneAMESBURYTextScoreAudio
10894Jesus, Savior guideth me[Jesus, Savior guideth me]TextScoreAudio
10895Jesus, Savior, hear my callPHILLIPSTextScoreAudio
10896O King of earth and air and sea!REX TERRARUMTextScoreAudio
10897Jesus, Savior, now is calling[Jesus, Savior, now is calling]TextScoreAudio
10898Jesus, Thou my only refuge[Jesus, Thou my only refuge]TextScoreAudio
10899Jesus, Thou rock of agesLA PURISIMATextScoreAudio
10900Jesus, Thy saving name I blessFRANCESTextScoreAudio
10901Oh Thou, whom neither time nor spaceDEPAUWTextScoreAudio
10902Cleft are the rocks, the earth doth quakeVAILTextScoreAudio
10903The day wears on to eventideFIRST MODE MELODYScoreAudio
10904Who is sleeping? Who is watching?HORNSEYTextScoreAudio
10905Hush! we are surrounded! See you not the foeZOVKOTextScoreAudio
10906God is gone up with joyful soundABERDEENTextScoreAudio
10907The God of might dispels the nightELLACOMBETextScoreAudio
10908By the Word of God the worlds were made[By the Word of God the worlds were made]TextScoreAudio
10909Over the billows sighing[Over the billows sighing]TextScoreAudio
10910Jesus, to Thy table ledMELFORDTextScoreAudio
10911A plaintive plea comes o’er the sea[A plaintive pleas comes o'er the sea]TextScoreAudio
10912Jesus’ life is calling you[Jesus' life is calling you]TextScoreAudio
10913John saw upon Patmos, a vision so bright[John saw upon Patmos, a vision bright]TextScoreAudio
10914Joseph was an old man[Joseph was an old man]TextScoreAudio
10915"Joy" is the song of the morning[Joy is the song of the morning]TextScoreAudio
10916Dead be my heart to all belowELVENTextScoreAudio
10917Joy to the world! sound forthWAS FRAG' ICH NACH DER WELTTextScoreAudio
10918Joyful tidings of a Savior[Joyful tidings of a Savior]Text
10919Just a baby in a cradleVANCOUVERTextScoreAudio
10920Just a word for my Redeemer[Just a word for my Redeemer]TextScoreAudio
10921Abashed be all the boast of age!DUNDEETextScoreAudio

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