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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
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10421Lord, Thou on earth didst love Thine ownBELMONTTextScoreAudio
10422Great is the Lord, who ruleth over all![Great is the Lord, who ruleth over all]TextScoreAudio
10423I would ever follow Thee[I would ever follow Thee]TextScoreAudio
10424Would we be joyful in the Lord?[Would we be joyful in the Lord]TextScoreAudio
10425How loving is Jesus! who came from the skyIBÉRICOTextScoreAudio
10426I hear the words of JesusMILLFORDTextScoreAudio
10427My soul is happy all day long[My soul is happy all day long]TextScoreAudio
10428When the morning light[When the morning light]TextScoreAudio
10429The morning bright, with rosy lightSOHOTextScoreAudio
10430The daylight fades, the evening shadesEVENINGTextScoreAudio
10431Sad and weary, lone and drearyMATAGORDATextScoreAudio
10432We praise Thee and bless TheeINDIANOLATextScoreAudio
10433We are children of a kingJALISCOTextScoreAudio
10434Traveling to the better landLEAD ME ONTextScoreAudio
10435No works of law have we to boastTOOWOOMBATextScoreAudio
10436There is love, true love, and the heart grows warm[There is love, true love, and the heart grows warm]TextScoreAudio
10437Lord, my trust I repose on Thee[Lord, my trust I repose on Thee]TextScoreAudio
10438The word of God is given[The word of God is given]TextScoreAudio
10439Precious Savior, may I live only for TheeLAHORETextScoreAudio
10440When war’s shrill blast abroad is heard[When war's shrill blast abroad is heard]TextScoreAudio
10441Once more, my soul, thy Savior, thro’ the Word[Once more, my soul, thy Savior, thro' the Word]TextScoreAudio
10442O what shall I do to be saved?[O what shall I do to be saved]TextScoreAudio
10443Onward, upward, homeward, hastily I fleeBAYTOWNTextScoreAudio
10444Closer, Lord, to Thee I clingBUENA VISTATextScoreAudio
10445We’ve been singing, we’ve been singingDURBANTextScoreAudio
10446Rejoice in the Lord, O let His mercy cheer[Rejoice in the Lord, O let His mercy cheer]TextScoreAudio
10447Who came down from Heav’n to earth?LJUBLJANATextScoreAudio
10448Wherever we may go, by night or day[Wherever we may go, by night or day]TextScoreAudio
10449Nothing either great or small[Nothing either great or small]TextScoreAudio
10450O Homeland! O Homeland![O Homeland! O Homeland]TextScoreAudio
10451I believed in God’s wonderful mercy and grace[I believed in God's wonderful mercy and grace]TextScoreAudio
10452How oft when I’m weary and sorrow oppressed[How oft when I'm weary and sorrow oppressed]TextScoreAudio
10453Meet me there! Oh, meet me there!GATWICKTextScoreAudio
10454How precious is the storyWEBBTextScoreAudio
10455How sad it would be, if when thou didst call[How sad it would be, if when thou didst call]TextScoreAudio
10456We lift our songs to TheeMALMÖTextScoreAudio
10457Not far, not far from the kingdom[Not far, not far from the kingdom]TextScoreAudio
10458Songs of gladness, never sadnessTARRAGONATextScoreAudio
10459How sweet to leave the world awhileBEETHOVENTextScoreAudio
10460Sweet is the light of Sabbath eveMINTONTextScoreAudio
10461Again our earthly cares we leaveMANOAHTextScoreAudio
10462The day of rest once more comes roundRAKEMTextScoreAudio
10463Now let our voices joinSTATE STREETTextScoreAudio
10464As the hart, with eager looksTURINTextScoreAudio
10465On Thy church, O Power DivineHULLAHTextScoreAudio
10466Savior, send a blessing to usBENEDICTIONTextScoreAudio
10467How sad it would be, if when thou dost call[How sad it would be, if when thou dost call]TextScoreAudio
10468How sang the heavenly armyALFORDTextScoreAudio
10469How shall I my Savior set forth?[How shall I my Savior set forth]TextScoreAudio
10470How still was the night while the shepherds were dreaming[How still was the night while the shepherds were dreaming]TextScoreAudio
10471God almighty and all seeing!CORONAETextScoreAudio
10472How sweet and happy seem those days of which I dream[How sweet and happy seem those days of which I dream]TextScoreAudio
10473How sweet it is in early youthWHITBY ABBEYTextScoreAudio
10474How vast is the tribute I oweDEVOTIONTextScoreAudio
10475Hungry, and faint, and poorADVENTTextScoreAudio
10476Welcome, days of solemn meeting!AQUILLATextScoreAudio
10477I am clinging to the Rock, blessed saving Rock[I am clinging to the Rock, blessed saving Rock]TextScoreAudio
10478I am coming, Jesus, SaviorBLACKFRIARSTextScoreAudio
10479I am drinking at the fountain that will never run dry[I am drinking at the fountain that will never run dry]TextScoreAudio
10480I am glad I found the Savior[I am glad I found the Savior]TextScoreAudio
10481As pants the wearied hart for cooling springsWALDOTextScoreAudio
10482Hail, happy day! the day of holy restSAVANNAH TextScoreAudio
10483Wherever two or three may meetSOUTHPORTTextScoreAudio
10484Sweet the time, exceeding sweetINNOCENTSTextScoreAudio
10485Far from the world, O Lord, I fleeMETZLER'S REDHEADTextScoreAudio
10486There is a spot of consecrated groundSTONEYTextScoreAudio
10487Sing to the Lord, our mightMORNINGTONTextScoreAudio
10488I am living, daily living[I a living, daily living]TextScoreAudio
10489I am on my journey home[I am no my journey home]TextScoreAudio
10490I am on my way to Zion[I am on my way to Zion]TextScoreAudio
10491Let mortal tongues attempt to singST JOHN'S HIGHLANDSTextScoreAudio
10492Earth’s transitory things decayROTHWELLTextScoreAudio
10493I am on the Gospel highway[I am on the Gospel highway]TextScoreAudio
10494I am safe in Jesus’ keeping every day[I am safe in Jesus' keeping every day]TextScoreAudio
10495I am safe in the Rock that is higher than I[I am safe in the Rock that is higher than I]TextScoreAudio
10496Stillness reigns—the vapors stealENNIUSTextScoreAudio
10497From the recesses of a lowly spiritHERZLIEBSTER JESUTextScoreAudio
10498The offerings to Thy throne which riseACUSHNETTextScoreAudio
10499Let those who doubt the heavenly sourceADORO TETextScoreAudio
10500Lord! in the unbeginning yearsCREATIONTextScoreAudio
10501Gather up, O earth, thy deadGUIDETextScoreAudio
10502Let us sing of the love of the Lord[Let us sing of the love of the Lord]TextScoreAudio
10503Fear not! God is thy shield, And He thy great rewardTIRUNELVELITextScoreAudio
10504O land of the blessèd! thy shadowless skiesKAWASAKITextScoreAudio
10505How sweet, my Savior, to repose[How sweet, my Savior, to repose]TextScoreAudio
10506The world may boast the brilliant lightARIZONATextScoreAudio
10507I would be a little sunbeam[I would be a little sunbeam]TextScoreAudio
10508I’ve a dear Savior, ready to listenLUBLINTextScoreAudio
10509I am still with Thee[I am still with Thee]TextScoreAudio
10510"I am the vine, ye are the branches"[I am the vine, ye are the branches]TextScoreAudio
10511Behold! One cometh in the way[Behold! One cometh in the way]TextScoreAudio
10512I am the way, the truth the life[I am the way, the truth, the life]TextScoreAudio
10513I am thinking of friends whom I used to knowTextScoreAudio
10514I am trusting, Lord, in Thee[I am trusting, Lord, in Thee]TextScoreAudio
10515I am waiting for the dawningCOLUMBUSTextScoreAudio
10516Ringing, sweetly ringing[Ringing, sweetly ringing]TextScoreAudio
10517I am watching for the coming[I am watching for the coming]TextScoreAudio
10518I am watching, I am waiting[I am watching, I am waiting]TextScoreAudio
10519"I am with Thee!" He hath said itAUBRUNDALETextScoreAudio
10520I bless Thee, Father, for the graceEPSTEINTextScoreAudio

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