A Choice Selection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians

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1'Tis by thy strength the mountains standPage Scan
2Great is the Lord, his works [acts] of mightPage Scan
3With reverence let the [should thy] saints appearPage Scan
4When Isr'l, freed from Pharoah's handPage Scan
5Lord, thou hast searched, and seen me [us] throughPage Scan
6Could I so false, so faithless provePage Scan
7When I with pleasing wonder standPage Scan
8Shall the vile race of flesh and bloodPage Scan
9Not to ourselves who are but dustPage Scan
10Jehovah reigns his throne is highPage Scan
11Lord, thou with an unerring beam [eye]Page Scan
12Wait, O my soul, thy [the] Maker's willPage Scan
13Jehovah, we adore thy namePage Scan
14God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
15Great God, amid [amidst] the darksome nightPage Scan
16The spacious firmament on highPage Scan
17The Bible is justly esteemedPage Scan
18How precious is the book divinePage Scan
19When Isr'l through the desert passedPage Scan
20Let avarice from [borne] shore to shorePage Scan
21Father of mercies, God of love, Whose kind compassionPage Scan
22Afflicted saint [saints] [soul] [souls], to Christ [God] draw nearPage Scan
23Precious Bible, what a treasurePage Scan
24How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
25Behold the morning sunPage Scan
26How shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
27O how I love thy holy lawPage Scan
28Lord, I esteem thy judgments rightPage Scan
29Let all the heathen writers joinPage Scan
30Lord, I have made thy word my choicePage Scan
31Laden with guilt, and full of fearsPage Scan
32'Twas by an order from the LordPage Scan
33Look up ye saints direct your eyesPage Scan
34Lord, when my [our] raptured thought surveysPage Scan
35The book of nature open liesPage Scan
36My soul, repeat His praise Whose mercies are soPage Scan
37Thy works of glory, mighty LordPage Scan
38Give thanks to God, he [who] reigns abovePage Scan
39Vain man on foolish pleasures bentPage Scan
40When God revealed his gracious namePage Scan
41Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord [King]Page Scan
42Give to our God [the Lord] immortal praisePage Scan
43Lord, when I count thy mercies o'erPage Scan
44The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well suppliedPage Scan
45Firm was my health, my day was brightPage Scan
46Let every tongue thy goodness speakPage Scan
47Sweet is the memory of thy gracePage Scan
48Now shall my inward joys arise, and burstPage Scan
49Our God how firm his promise standsPage Scan
50Awake, my soul, in [to] joyful [joyous] laysPage Scan
51How are thy servants blest, O Lord [God]Page Scan
52Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songPage Scan
53Shepherd of Isr'l, thou dost keepPage Scan
54Great God, what hosts of angels standPage Scan
55Manna to Isr'l well suppliedPage Scan
56God shall alone the [my] refuge bePage Scan
57Good is Jehovah in bestowing sunshinePage Scan
58The Lord my pasture shall prepare, and feed me with a shepherd's carePage Scan
59Since all the changing [coming] [downward] varying [various] scenes of timePage Scan
60By the poor widow's oil and mealPage Scan
61Behold, the grace appears [appear]Page Scan
62Deceived by subtle snares of hell [I fell]Page Scan
63Hark, the glad sound, the Savior comesPage Scan
64The king of glory sends his SonPage Scan
65As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheepPage Scan
66From the regions of love, lo, an angel descendedPage Scan
67Hark, whence that voicePage Scan
68Mortals, awake, with angels joinPage Scan
69What good news the angels bringPage Scan
70Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyesPage Scan
71The King of saints, how fair his facePage Scan
72Great God, whose universal swayPage Scan
73Jesus shall reign where'er the sunPage Scan
74Forever shall my song recordPage Scan
75Thus the eternal Father spake [spoke]Page Scan
76Now to the Lord, that [who] makes [made] us knowPage Scan
77Let him embrace my soul, and provePage Scan
78The wondering world enquires [inquires] to knowPage Scan
79Go, worship at Emmanuel's feetPage Scan
80Now to the Lord a noble [joyful] songPage Scan
81Now let our cheerful eyes surveyPage Scan
82Behold the woman's promised seedPage Scan
83My dear Redeemer, and my LordPage Scan
84Where is my [our] God, does he retirePage Scan
85When Isr'l's grieving tribes complainedPage Scan
86Depraved minds on ashes [trifles] feedPage Scan
87Ye worlds of light, that roll so nearPage Scan
88To Christ, the Lord, let every tongue its noblest tribute bringPage Scan
89Lord, dost thou show [shew] a corner stone [cornerstone]Page Scan
90Infinite excellence is thinePage Scan
91Awake, our souls, and bless his namePage Scan
92And is the gospel peace and lovePage Scan
93Jesus, the Lord, our souls adorePage Scan
94While my Redeemer's nearPage Scan
95Awake, ye saints of GodPage Scan
96Burst, ye emerald [pearly] gates, and bringPage Scan
97What think ye [you] of Christ, is the testPage Scan
98All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
99The Prince of peace is comePage Scan
100O thou in whose presence my soul takes delightPage Scan

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