CPWI Hymnal

Publisher: The Church in the Province of the West Indies, St John, Barbados, 2010
Denomination: The Church in the Province of the West Indies
Language: English
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1At thy feet, O Christ, we laySUNRISETextPage Scan
2Awake, my soul, and with the sunMORNING HYMNTextPage Scan
3Christ, whose glory fills the skiesRATISBONTextPage Scan
4My Father, for another nightST. TIMOTHYTextPage Scan
5New every morning is the loveMELCOMBETextPage Scan
6Now that the daylight fills the skyILSLEY (BISHOP)TextPage Scan
7Abide with me; fast falls the eventideEVENTIDETextPage Scan
8And now the wants are told, that broughtCREDITONTextPage Scan
9As now the sun's declining raysST COLUMBA (IRISH)TextPage Scan
10At even, ere the sun was setANGELUSTextPage Scan
11Hail, gladdening Light, of his pure glory pouredSEBASTETextPage Scan
12Blest Creator of the lightVIENNATextPage Scan
13Day is dying in the westSENNEN (CHAUTAUQUA)TextPage Scan
14Father Divine, I come to theeMOTHERLANDTextPage Scan
15Glory to thee, my God, this nightCANON (THE EIGHTH TUNE)TextPage Scan
16God, that madest earth and heavenALL THROUGH THE NIGHTTextPage Scan
17O gracious Light, Lord Jesus ChristCANON (THE EIGHTH TUNE)
18Hushed was the evening hymnSAMUELTextPage Scan
19O strength and stay upholding all creationSTRENGTH AND STAYTextPage Scan
20O Trinity, most blessed lightWESTMINSTER (COOKE)TextPage Scan
21Our day of praise is doneCARLISLETextPage Scan
22Saviour, again to thy dear name we raiseELLERSTextPage Scan
23aSun of my soul, thou Saviour dearABENDSTextPage Scan
23bSun of my soul, thou Saviour dearHURSLEYTextPage Scan
24Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we goST MATTHIASTextPage Scan
25The day is past and overST ANATOLIUSTextPage Scan
26The day thou gavest, Lord, is endedST CLEMENTTextPage Scan
27The duteous day now closethINNSBRUCKTextPage Scan
28The radiant morn hath passed awayST GABRIELTextPage Scan
29The sun is sinking fastST COLUMBA (IRONS)TextPage Scan
30O day of rest and gladnessDAY OF RESTTextPage Scan
31On this day, the first of daysLÜBECKTextPage Scan
32This is the day of lightDOMINICATextPage Scan
33Again the Lord's own day is hereCHURCH TRIUMPANTTextPage Scan
34Come, thou long-expected JesusCROSS OF JESUSTextPage Scan
35aBlest be the King whose comingST THEODULPH (VALET WILL ICH DIR GEHEN)
35bBlest be the King whose comingST CLEMENTTextPage Scan
36Christ is surely coming, bringing his rewardLAND OF HOPE
37Come, thou Redeemer of the earthPUER NOBIS NASCITURTextPage Scan
38Comfort, comfort, O my peopleGENEVA 42TextPage Scan
39aCreator of the starry heightCONDITOR ALMETextPage Scan
39bCreator of the starry heightST GREGORYTextPage Scan
40aHark the glad sound! The Saviour comesBRISTOLTextPage Scan
40bHark the glad sound! The Saviour comesBRISTOL (Fauxbourdon)TextPage Scan
41Hark! A thrilling voice is soundingMERTONTextPage Scan
42On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cryWINCHESTER NEWTextPage Scan
43Hark what a sound, and too divine for hearingHIGHWOODTextPage Scan
44Lift up your heads, you mighty gatesTRUROTextPage Scan
45Ye servants of the LordNARENZATextPage Scan
46Lo, he comes with clouds descendingHELMSLEYTextPage Scan
47O come, divine MessiahVENEZ DIVINTextPage Scan
48O come, O come, EmmanuelVENI EMMANUELTextPage Scan
49Ready the way of the LordREADY THE WAY
50Rejoice! Rejoice, believersGREENLANDTextPage Scan
51Sleepers, wake! The watch-cry pealethSLEEPERS, WAKETextPage Scan
52The Advent of our KingST THOMAS (WILLIAMS)TextPage Scan
53Thy kingdom come, O GodST CECILIATextPage Scan
54The King shall come when morning dawnsST STEPHENTextPage Scan
55The Lord will come and not be slowST STEPHENTextPage Scan
56When the King shall come againGAUDEAMUS PARITERTextPage Scan
57From heaven high I come to youVOM HIMMEL HOCH (ERFURT)TextPage Scan
58A great and mighty wonderES IST EIN' ROS'TextPage Scan
59All my heart this night rejoicesEBELING (BONN)TextPage Scan
60aAngels, from the realms of gloryIRISTextPage Scan
60bAngels, from the realms of gloryREGENT SQUARETextPage Scan
61Christians, awake! Salute the happy mornYORKSHIRETextPage Scan
62Let me tell you about the storyAND SHE ROCK THE BABYText
63The Virgin Mary had a baby boyDE VIRGIN MARYTextPage Scan
64'Glory to God!' all heaven with joy is ringingHIGHWOOD
65While shepherds kept their watchingGO TELL ITText
66God from on high hath heard!ST GEORGE (GAUNTLETT)TextPage Scan
67Good Christian friends, rejoiceIN DULCI JUBILOTextPage Scan
68Hark! The herald-angels singMENDELSSOHNTextPage Scan
69In the bleak mid-winterCRANHAMTextPage Scan
70It came upon the midnight clearNOELTextPage Scan
71Behold, the great Creator makesKILMARNOCKTextPage Scan
72To preach the good news to the poor and the lowlyJESUS IS BORNText
73Joy to the world! The Lord is comeANTIOCHTextPage Scan
74Let earth and heaven combineCHRISTCHURCHTextPage Scan
75Long ago, prophets knewPERSONENT HODIE
76Christ Jesus Lord from heaven aboveCUM DUNG
77O come, all ye faithfulADESTE FIDELESTextPage Scan
78aNow yield we thanks and praiseWAS FRAG' ICH NACHTextPage Scan
78bNow yield we thanks and praiseNUN DANKET ALLE GOTTTextPage Scan
79O Christ, Redeemer of our raceVOM HIMMEL HOCH (ERFURT)TextPage Scan
80O come, little children, come one and come allIHR KINDERLEIN KOMMETText
81O come, Redeemer of mankind, appearREDEMPTOR MUNDITextPage Scan
82O little town of BethlehemFOREST GREENTextPage Scan
83aOf the Father's love begottenDIVINUM MYSTERIUM (Duple)TextPage Scan
83bOf the Father's love begottenDIVINUM MYSTERIUM (Triple)TextPage Scan
84See him lying on a bed of strawCALYPSO CAROLTextPage Scan
85Do you know de storySING DE CHORUS
86To us a child of royal birthDEVONSHIRETextPage Scan
87Sing, O sing, this blessed mornENGLAND'S LANETextPage Scan
88The first Nowell the angel did sayTHE FIRST NOWELLTextPage Scan
89Unto us a boy is born!PUER NOBISText
90What shall we give to the child in the manger?CATALAN CAROL
91aWhile shepherds watched their flocks by nightWINCHESTER OLDTextPage Scan
91bWhile shepherds watched their flocks by nightWINCHESTER OLD (Fauxbourdon)TextPage Scan
92Early Christmas morning when de stars dem getting thinEARLY CHRISTMAS MORNING

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