A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Social and Private Worship

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P.IaThat man, in life wherever placedPage Scan
P.IbBlest, who the fellowship of sinPage Scan
P.VOn thee, each morning, O my God!Page Scan
P.VIIIO Thou, to whom all creature bowPage Scan
P.XVLord, who's the happy man that mayPage Scan
P.XVIIMy God, the visits of thy facePage Scan
P.XVIIINo change of time shall ever shockPage Scan
P.XIXaGreat God, the heave'ns well ordered framePage Scan
P.XIXbGod of the morning! at whose voicePage Scan
P.XXIIIaThe Lord himself, the mighty LordPage Scan
P.XXIIIbAs the good shepherd gently leadsPage Scan
P.XXIIIcThe Lord is my shepherd, no want shall I knowPage Scan
P.XXIVThrough all the changing scenes of lifePage Scan
P.XXXVIaThy mercy, Lord, my only hopePage Scan
P.XXXVIbTo thee, O God! my days are knownPage Scan
P.XXXIXTeach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
P.XLIVO lord, our fathers oft have toldPage Scan
P.LIShow mercy, Lord! O Lord, forgive!Page Scan
P.LXXXOf old, O God, thine own right handPage Scan
P.LXXXIVLord of the worlds abovePage Scan
P.LXXXVIEternal God! Almighty causePage Scan
P.LXXXIXWhat seraph of celestial birthPage Scan
P.XCaO Thou, the first, the greatest friendPage Scan
P.XCb O God! our help in ages pastPage Scan
P.XCcThou, Lord! through every changing scenePage Scan
P.XCIISweet is the work, my God! my King!Page Scan
P.XCVO come, loud anthems let us singPage Scan
P.CWith one consent, let all the earthPage Scan
P.CIIIaMy soul, inspired with sacred lovePage Scan
P.CIIIbOf mortal life how short the date!Page Scan
P.CIIIcLord we adore thy wondrous namePage Scan
P.CIVAwake, my soul, to hymns of praise!Page Scan
P.CVIO render thanks to God abovePage Scan
P.CXIIThat man is bless'd who stands in awePage Scan
P.CXVIGreat Source of life! our souls confessPage Scan
P.CXIXaIndulgent God! with pitying eyePage Scan
P.CXIXbHow precious, Lord! thy holy word!Page Scan
P.CXIXcLow at thy gracious feet I bendPage Scan
P.CXXUpward we lift our eyesPage Scan
P.CXXXVIaTo God, the mighty LordPage Scan
P.CXXXVIbLift your voice, and joyful singPage Scan
P.CXXXVIIWhen we, our weary limbs to restPage Scan
P.CXXXIXaThou Lord, by strictest search hast knownPage Scan
P.CXXXIXbIn glad amazement, Lord! I standPage Scan
P.CXLVMy God! my King!, thy various praisePage Scan
P.CXLVIIPraise ye the Lord! O let the grateful songPage Scan
P.CXLVIIIaYe boundless realms of joyPage Scan
P.CXLVIIIbBegin, my soul, th' exalted layPage Scan
P.CXLVIIIc Heralds of creation cryPage Scan
P.CXLIXO praise ye the LordPage Scan
P.CLaPraise ye the Lord, let praise employPage Scan
P.CLbPraise, O praise the name divinePage Scan
IO praise ye the Lord! prepare a new songPage Scan
IIAgain the Lord of life and lightPage Scan
IIIAwake, our drowsy soulsPage Scan
IVAnother six days' work is done!Page Scan
VLord of the Sabbath! hear our vowsPage Scan
VISleep, sleep to-day, tormenting caresPage Scan
VIIO sing to the Lord a new song!Page Scan
VIIIGod in his earthly temples laysPage Scan
IXI'll bless Jehovah's glorious namePage Scan
XPraise to God, the great CreatorPage Scan
XIFar from mortal cares retreatingPage Scan
XIICome to the house of prayerPage Scan
XIIIWith sacred joy we lift our eyesPage Scan
XIVLo! God is here; let us adorePage Scan
XVHoly, holy, holy Lord!Page Scan
XVIWhen, as returns this solemn dayPage Scan
XVIIO Father, though the anxious fearPage Scan
XVIIIThine influence, mighty God, is feltPage Scan
XIXLord, before thy presence comePage Scan
XXO God! thou spirit, just and wisePage Scan
XXIWherewith shall I approach the LordPage Scan
XXIITh'uplifted eye and bended kneePage Scan
XXIIIGreat God! what rich provision's madePage Scan
XXIVLong have I sat beneath the soundPage Scan
XXVAlmighty God! before whose thronePage Scan
XXVIEternal Source of life and thought!Page Scan
XXVIIMy God! whene'er my longing heartPage Scan
XXVIIIO Source of uncreated light!Page Scan
XXIXEternal Source of life and light!Page Scan
XXXLord! dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
XXXIWhat pleasure, Lord! thy house attendsPage Scan
XXXIIO God! we praise thee, and confessPage Scan
XXXIIIThe heaven of heavens cannot containPage Scan
XXXIVLet one loud song of praise arisePage Scan
XXXVYe works of God, on him alonePage Scan
XXXVIEternal power! whose high abodePage Scan
XXXVIIGreat God! in vain man's narrow viewPage Scan
XXXVIIICan creatures to perfection findPage Scan
XXXIXEternal and immortal King!Page Scan
XLYe weak inhabitants of clayPage Scan
XLIThe Lord descended from abovePage Scan
XLIIThy names, how infinite they be!Page Scan
XLIIIGlory to God! who dwells on highPage Scan
XLIVThou did'st, O mighty God! existPage Scan
XLVWho gave the sun his noon-day light?Page Scan
XLVIGreat first of beings! mighty LordPage Scan
XLVIIBefore Jehovah's awful thronePage Scan
XLVIIIThy hand unseen sustains the polesPage Scan

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