A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Publick Worship

Publisher: Manning & Loring, Boston, 1799
Editor: James Freeman
Denomination: Unitarian churches
Language: English
Notes: Psalm and Hymns are numbered separately. Some pages are missing from the page scan.
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P.CVO render thanks, and bless the LordPage Scan
P.CVIO render thanks to God abovePage Scan
P.CVIIaTo God our grateful voices raisePage Scan
P.CVIIbSome lie, with darkness compass'd roundPage Scan
P.CVIIcBeneath God's terrours doom'd to groanPage Scan
P.CVIIdThey that in ships, with courage boldPage Scan
P.CVIIIO God, my heart is fully bentPage Scan
P.CIXThou causest, Lord, thy sun to shinePage Scan
P.CXThe Lord unto my Lord thus spake
P.CXIPraise ye the Lord; our God to praise
P.CXIIThat man is blessed who stands in awe
P.CXIIIYe saints and servants of the LordPage Scan
P.CXVIMy soul with grateful thoughts of lovePage Scan
P.CXVIIWith cheerful notes let all the earthPage Scan
P.CXVIIIaO praise the Lord, for he is goodPage Scan
P.CXVIIIbThat which the builders once refus'dPage Scan
P.CXIXaHow bless'd are they who always keepPage Scan
P.CXIXbHow shall the young preserve their waysPage Scan
P.CXIXcInstruct me in thy statutes, LORDPage Scan
P.CXIXdWith me, thy servant, thou hast dealtPage Scan
P.CXIXeFor ever and for ever, LORDPage Scan
P.CXIXfThe wonders which thy laws containPage Scan
P.CXXIUpward we lift our eyesPage Scan
P.CXXIIHow did my heart rejoice to hearPage Scan
P.CXXIVHad not the LORD, we now may sayPage Scan
P.CXXVO God, the souls that trust in theePage Scan
P.CXXVIThe darken'd sky, how thick it low'rs!Page Scan
P.CXXVIIWe build the fruitless cost, unlessPage Scan
P.CXXXFrom lowest depths of woPage Scan
P.CXXXIIs there ambition in my soul?Page Scan
P.CXXXIIIHow vast must their advantage be!Page Scan
P.CXXXVO praise the Lord with one consentPage Scan
P.CXXXVIaTo God, the mighty LORDPage Scan
P.CXXXVIbRaise your voice, and joyful, singPage Scan
P.CXXXVIIIWith all my pow'rs of heart and tonguePage Scan
P.CXXXIXaThou, LORD, by strictest search hast knownPage Scan
P.CXXXIXbGod of our lives, whose bounteous carePage Scan
P.CXXXIXcLet me acknowledge, O my GodPage Scan
P.CXLITo thee, O LORD, my cries ascendPage Scan
P.CXLIIILORD, hear my pray'r, and to my cryPage Scan
P.CXLIVOur sons like lofty trees shall growPage Scan
P.CXLVaThee I'll extol, my God and KingPage Scan
P.CXLVbThe LORD is good; fresh acts of gracePage Scan
P.CXLVIThe LORD, who made both heav'n and earthPage Scan
P.CXLVIITo God, the LORD, a hymn of praisePage Scan
P.CXLVIIIaPraise ye the Lord, immortal choirPage Scan
P.CXLVIIIbFairest of all the lights abovePage Scan
P.CXLVIIIcLet ev'ry creature joinPage Scan
P.CXLVIIIdBegin, my soul, th' exalted layPage Scan
P.CXLVIIIeYe boundless realms of joyPage Scan
P.CXLIXO praise ye the LordPage Scan
P.CLaO praise the Lord in that blest placePage Scan
P.CLbPraise, O praise the name divinePage Scan
IGreat God, how infinite art thouPage Scan
II'Twas God who form'd the rolling spheresPage Scan
IIIGreat First of beings, mighty LordPage Scan
IVWe sing the almighty power of GodPage Scan
VHail, King supreme, all wise and goodPage Scan
VIEternal Wisdom thee we praisePage Scan
VIILord, thou art good, all nature showsPage Scan
VIIIWhen all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]Page Scan
IXWhen worn with [by] sickness, oft hast thouPage Scan
XHow are thy servants blest, O Lord [God]Page Scan
XILet coward guilt, with pallid fearPage Scan
XIIWhile thee I [we] seek, protecting powerPage Scan
XIIIFather of mercies, God of love, Whose kind compassionPage Scan
XIVMy soul shall praise Thee, O my God Through allPage Scan
XVGod moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
XVIAuthor of good, we rest on theePage Scan
XVIIFather of all! in ev'ry agePage Scan
XVIIICan creatures to perfection findPage Scan
XIXGreat is our God, his works of mightPage Scan
XXO thou, through all thy works adoredPage Scan
XXIGreat God, how endless is thy lovePage Scan
XXIIGreat God, at whose all-powerful callPage Scan
XXIIIThrough all the various [varying] shifting [passing] scenePage Scan
XXIVOur Maker, and our KingPage Scan
XXVAlmighty Maker, God, How wondrous is thy namePage Scan
XXVIHow rich thy gifts, almighty KingPage Scan
XXVIIYe works of God, on [to] him alonePage Scan
XXVIIIThe Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on highPage Scan
XXIXLord of the world [worlds] belowPage Scan
XXXPraise to God, immortal praisePage Scan
XXXIGod of mercy, God of love [grace], HearPage Scan
XXXIIJehovah reigns let every nation hearPage Scan
XXXIIIGlory be to God on highPage Scan
XXXIVPraise to God, the great Creator, BounteousPage Scan
XXXVRejoice, the Lord is King, Your God [Lord] and King adorePage Scan
XXXVIFather divine, before thy viewPage Scan
XXXVIIHark, the glad sound, the Savior comesPage Scan
XXXVIIIWhile shepherds watch [watched] their flocks by nightPage Scan
XXXIXBehold, the grace appears [appear]Page Scan
XLHark, what celestial notesPage Scan
XLINo war nor battle's sound was heardPage Scan
XLIIBehold the Prince of PeacePage Scan
XLIIIBehold, where in a mortal formPage Scan
XLIVAnd is the gospel peace and lovePage Scan
XLVFather of mercies, in thy [your] wordPage Scan
XLVIWhen gloomy thoughts and boding fearsPage Scan
XLVIICome, saith [said] [says] Jesus' sacred voicePage Scan

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