A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Publick Worship

Publisher: Manning & Loring, Boston, 1799
Editor: James Freeman
Denomination: Unitarian churches
Language: English
Notes: Psalm and Hymns are numbered separately. Some pages are missing from the page scan.
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P.IHow bless'd is he, who ne'er consentsPage Scan
P.IIAttend, O earth, whilst I declarePage Scan
P.IIIThou, O my God, art my defencePage Scan
P.IVConsider that the righteous manPage Scan
P.VLord, hear the voice of my complaintPage Scan
P.VIIIO thou to whom all creatures bowPage Scan
P.IXTo celebrate thy praise, O LORDPage Scan
P.XIWhen once the firm assurance failsPage Scan
P.XVLord, who's the happy man, that mayPage Scan
P.XVII strive each action to approvePage Scan
P.XVIIINo change of times shall ever shockPage Scan
P.XIXaThe heav'ns declare thy glory, LordPage Scan
P.XIXbThe spacious firmament on highPage Scan
P.XIXcGod's perfect law converts the soulPage Scan
P.XXTo thy salvation, Lord, for aidPage Scan
P.XXIIaMy God, my God, why leav'st thou mePage Scan
P.XXIIbLet all the glad converted worldPage Scan
P.XXIIIaThe Lord himself, the mighty LordPage Scan
P.XXIIIbThe Lord my pasture shall preparePage Scan
P.XXIVaThis spacious earth is all the Lord'sPage Scan
P.XXIVbErect your heads, eternal gatesPage Scan
P.XXVaThy mercies, and thy lovePage Scan
P.XXVbSince mercy is the gracePage Scan
P.XXVIIContinue, Lord, to hear my voicePage Scan
P.XXIXJehovah with amazing noisePage Scan
P.XXXI'll celebrate thy praises, LordPage Scan
P.XXXIIHe's bless'd who has thy pardon gain'dPage Scan
P.XXXIIIaLet all the just to God with joyPage Scan
P.XXXIIIb'Tis God, who those that trust in himPage Scan
P.XXXIVaThrough all the changing scenes of lifePage Scan
P.XXXIVbApproach, ye piously dispos'dPage Scan
P.XXXVFalse witnesses, with forg'd complaintsPage Scan
P.XXXVIO Lord, thy mercy, my sure hopePage Scan
P.XXXVIIaA little, with God's favour bless'dPage Scan
P.XXXVIIbTo thee, my God, my days are knownPage Scan
P.XXXIXMy life, O God, is but a spanPage Scan
P.XLWho can the wond'rous works recountPage Scan
P.XLIHappy the man, whose tender carePage Scan
P.XLIIaAs pants the hart for cooling streamsPage Scan
P.XLIIbGod of my strength, how long shall IPage Scan
P.XLIVO Lord, our fathers oft have toldPage Scan
P.XLVOur hearts a grateful theme shall singPage Scan
P.XLVIaGreat Ruler of the earth and skiesPage Scan
P.XLVIbGod is our refuge in distressPage Scan
P.XLVIIO all ye people, clap your handsPage Scan
P.XLIXThose men that all their hope and trustPage Scan
P.LIaHave mercy, Lord, on mePage Scan
P.LIbWithdraw not, Lord, thy helpPage Scan
P.LVIIBe thou, O God, exalted highPage Scan
P.LXIWhen overwhelm'd with griefPage Scan
P.LXIIGod does his saving health dispensePage Scan
P.LXIIIO God, my gracious God, to theePage Scan
P.LXVaO God, who to my humble pray'rPage Scan
P.LXVbO God, from out thy boundless storePage Scan
P.LXVILet all the lands, with shouts of joyPage Scan
P.LXVIITo bless thy chosen racePage Scan
P.LXVIIITo God your voice in anthems raisePage Scan
P.LXIXLord, hear the humble pray'r I makePage Scan
P.LXXIIn thee I put my steadfast trustPage Scan
P.LXXIIGreat God, whose universal swayPage Scan
P.LXXIIILord, whom in heav'n, but thee alonePage Scan
P.LXXIVEternal source of ev'ry joyPage Scan
P.LXXVIIHas God for ever cast me off?Page Scan
P.LXXVIIIHear, O my people; to my lawPage Scan
P.LXXIXO think not on our former sinsPage Scan
P.LXXXDo thou convert us, LORD, do thouPage Scan
P.LXXXITo God, our never-failing strengthPage Scan
P.LXXXIIGod in the great assembly standsPage Scan
P.LXXXIVaO Lord of hosts, my King and GodPage Scan
P.LXXXIVbLord of the worlds abovePage Scan
P.LXXXVThy gracious favour, LORD, displayPage Scan
P.LXXXVIaO thou, the wretched's sure retreatPage Scan
P.LXXXVIbThee will I praise, O LORD my GodPage Scan
P.LXXXVIcEternal God, almighty causePage Scan
P.LXXXVIIITo thee, my God and Saviour, IPage Scan
P.LXXXIXaThy mercies, Lord, shall be my songPage Scan
P.LXXXIXbWhat seraph of celestial birthPage Scan
P.XCaO Lord, the saviour and defencePage Scan
P.XCbOur term of time is seventy yearsPage Scan
P.XCcO to thy servants, Lord, returnPage Scan
P.XCIHe that has God his guardian madePage Scan
P.XCIIHow good and pleasant must it bePage Scan
P.XCIIIWith glory clad, with strength array'dPage Scan
P.XCIVBless'd is the man whom thou, O LORDPage Scan
P.XCVO come, loud anthems let us singPage Scan
P.XCVIaSing to the Lord a new-made songPage Scan
P.XCVIbO sing to the LORD a new songPage Scan
P.XCVIIJehovah reigns, let all the earthPage Scan
P.XCVIIISing to the Lord a new-made songPage Scan
P.XCIXThe God Jehovah reignsPage Scan
P.CBefore Jehovah's lofty thronePage Scan
P.CIWhen, Lord, thou shalt with me residePage Scan
P.CIIThrough endless years thou art the samePage Scan
P.CIIIaThe Lord abounds with tender lovePage Scan
P.CIIIbThe Lord, the universal KingPage Scan
P.CIVaBless God, my soul, thou LORD, alonePage Scan
P.CIVbGod's providence fix'dPage Scan
P.CIVcGrass, for our cattle to devourPage Scan
P.CIVdO God, the vast unfathm'd mainPage Scan
P.CIVeThou, LORD, a moment hid'st thy facePage Scan

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