Common Praise: A new edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
257Lord, bring the day to passLAWES'S PSALM 47TextPage ScanAudio
258Lord of beauty, thine the splendourGRAFTONPage Scan
259Morning glory, starlit skySONG 13Page Scan
260Morning has broken, like the first morningBUNESSAN
261My soul, there is a countryCHRISTUS DER IST MEIN LEBENTextPage Scan
262O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonderHOW GREAT THOU ARTText
263O Lord of every shining constellationHESLINGTON
264The heavens declare thy glory, LordBIRLINGTextPage Scan
265The spacious firmament on highADDISON'S (LONDON)TextPage Scan
266The works of the Lord are created in wisdomST CATHERINE'S COURTPage Scan
267Thou, whose almighty wordMOSCOWTextPage Scan
268Timeless love! We sing the storyALL SAINTSTextPage Scan
269With wonder, Lord, we see your worksES IST KEIN TAG
270Come, ye thankful people, comeST. GEORGE'S WINDSORTextPage Scan
271God, whose farm is all creationGOTT WILL 'S MACHENPage Scan
272Praise and thanksgivingBUNESSAN
273Praise, O praise our God and KingMONKLANDTextPage Scan
274To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raiseGOLDEN SHEAVESTextPage Scan
275We plough the fields, and scatterWI PFLÜGENTextPage Scan
276aAccording to thy gracious wordBANGORTextPage Scan
276bAccording to thy gracious wordSONG 67TextPage Scan
277All for Jesus, all for JesusALL FOR JESUSPage Scan
278Alleluia, sing to Jesus!HYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
279And now, O Father, mindful of the loveSONG 1 TextPage Scan
280As the disciples, when thy Son had left themDIVA SERVATRIX
281Author of life divineRHOSYMEDRETextPage Scan
282Be known to us in breaking breadBELMONTTextPage Scan
283Before the throne of God aboveFESTUSTextPage ScanAudio
284Bread of heaven, on thee we feedBREAD OF HEAVENTextPage ScanAudio
284bBread of heaven, on thee we feedNICHT SO TRAURIG (PRESSBURG)TextPage ScanAudio
285Bread of the world in mercy brokenRENDEZ À DIEUText
286Break thou the bread of lifeLATHBURYTextPage Scan
287He offered his body, he poured out his soulBROKEN FOR ME
288Christ is the heavenly food that givesJACKSONTextPage ScanAudio
289Christian people, raise your songAVE VIRGO VIRGINUM
290Christians, lift your hearts and voicesWEBBE'S ST THOMASPage ScanAudio
291aCome, dearest Lord, descend and dwellCROSS DEEPText
291bCome, dearest Lord, descend and dwellETONText
292Come, Holy Ghost, thine influence shedTWYFORDTextPage Scan
293aCome, risen Lord, and deign to be our guestBLACKBIRD LEYS
293bCome, risen Lord, and deign to be our guestMORESTEAD
294Dearest Jesu, we are hereLIEBSTER JESU (DESSAU)TextPage Scan
295Deck thyself, my soul, with gladnessSCMÜCKE DICHTextPage Scan
296Draw nigh and take the body of the LordSONG 46TextPage Scan
297Father, we adore youFATHER WE ADORE YOU
298Father, we thank thee who hast plantedLES COMMANDEMENS DE DIEUPage Scan
299From glory to glory advancing, we praise thee, O LordSHEENTextPage Scan
300Glory in the highest to the God of heaven CUDDESDON
301God is here! As we his peopleBLAENWERNTextPage Scan
302aHail, true Body, born of MarySTANDISHTextPage Scan
302bHail, true Body, born of MaryDUGGLEBYText
303aHands that have been handlingGLENFINLAS
303bHands that have been handlingNORTH COATES
304Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to faceMAGDATextPage Scan
305I come with joy, a child of GodST BOTOLPHText
306I hunger and I thirstMARIA JUNG UND ZARTTextPage Scan
307aJesu, we thus obeyWINDERMEREPage Scan
307bJesu, we thus obeyGILDAS (ST AUGUSTINE, WEISSE)TextPage Scan
308aJust as I am, without one pleaSAFFRON WALDENTextPage Scan
308bJust as I am, without one pleaMISERICORDIATextPage Scan
309Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYTextPage Scan
310Let thy blood in mercy pouredJESUS MEINE ZUVERSICHTTextPage Scan
311Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendourST HELENTextPage Scan
312Lord Jesus Christ, be present nowNIAGARATextPage Scan
313My God, and is thy table spreadROCKINGHAMTextPage Scan
314Now from the heavens descendingKING'S LYNN
315Now let us from this table riseSOLOTHURNTextPage Scan
316aNow, my tongue, the mystery tellingPANGE LINGUATextPage Scan
316bNow, my tongue, the mystery tellingGRAFTON (TANTUM ERGO)TextPage Scan
317O food to pilgrims givenINNSBRUCKPage Scan
318O thou, who at thy Eucharist didst praySONG 1TextPage Scan
320aPraise we now the word of graceSAVANNAHPage Scan
320bPraise we now the word of graceBOYCEPage Scan
321Rise and hear! The Lord is speakingSUSSEX
322Soul of my Saviour, sanctify my breastANIMA CHRISTITextPage ScanAudio
323Strengthen for service, Lord, the handsACH GOTT UND HERRTextPage Scan
324Sweet Sacrament divineDIVINE MYSTERIESTextPage ScanAudio
325aThe church of God a kingdom isCREDITONTextPage Scan
325bThe church of God a kingdom isUNIVERSITYTextPage Scan
326The heavenly Word, proceeding forthVERBUM SUPERNUMTextPage ScanAudio
327The prophets spoke in days of oldJACKSON
328The Son of God proclaimMOUNT EPHRAIM
329aThee we adore, O hidden Saviour, theeADORO TE DEVOTEText
329bThee we adore, O hidden Saviour, theeELLERSText
330We come to this your table, LordGRANDCHILDREN
331We pray thee, heavenly FatherDIES DOMINICATextPage Scan
332Wherefore, O Father, we thy humble servantsCHRISTE FONS JUGISTextPage Scan
333You, living Christ, our eyes beholdPALACE GREEN
334Awake, awake: fling off the night!DEUS TUORUM MILITUM
335Come, Lord, to our souls come downMELLINGPage ScanAudio
336Eternal God, we consecrateST FULBERTPage Scan
337God the Father, name we treasureORIELPage Scan
338My God, accept my heart this dayST PETERTextPage Scan
339We bring our children, Lord, todayANGELUSPage Scan
340We praise you, Lord, for Jesus ChristCRUCIS VICTORIAPage Scan
341At Cana's wedding, long agoSTELLATextPage Scan
342Jesus, Lord, we praySEELENBRÄUTIGAMPage Scan
343O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingSTRENGTH AND STAYTextPage Scan
344The grace of life is theirsHAREWOODPage Scan

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