The Church Missionary Hymn Book

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
96Jesus, Master, Whose I amCASSELLPage Scan
97Lord, speak to me that I may speakHURSLEYPage Scan
98Make me a captive, LordDIDYMUSPage Scan
99My glorious Victor, Prince DivineGIDEONPage Scan
100Not my own, but saved by JesusPRETIO REDEMPTUSPage Scan
101O Love that will not let me goST. MARGARETPage Scan
102Only a mortal's powersFALCON STREETPage Scan
103O who this day will rejoicing sayGAFFURIUSPage Scan
104Revive Thy work, O LordVENICEPage Scan
105Round Thy footstool, Saviour, seeEARLHAMPage Scan
106Saviour, Thy dying loveAMOR CHRISTIPage Scan
107Seek ye first, not earthly pleasurePRIUS PETENDUMPage Scan
108Shine on me, O Lord JesusMARGATEPage Scan
109Take my life, and let it beMOZARTPage Scan
110The purchased slave of JesusTABERNACLEPage Scan
111True-hearted, whole-hearted! faithful and loyalWATCHWORDPage Scan
112Brethren, go! The Lord be with youTESTIMONYPage Scan
113Brothers, sisters, pray for us!ORATE PRO NOBISPage Scan
114Clothed with the Holy GhostSIERRA LEONEPage Scan
115Disciples of the risen Christ go forth!ROSEBURSTPage Scan
116Father, we are gathered hereSUNBURYPage Scan
117God be with you till we meet againBALLINAPage Scan
118Let us sing of His love once againIN AETERNUMPage Scan
119Speed Thy servants, Saviour, speed them!KENSINGTON NEWPage Scan
120The love of Christ constrainingANGELS' STORYPage Scan
121The tender light of home behindPENMAENMAWRPage Scan
122aWith the sweet word of peaceVERBUM PACISPage Scan
122bWith the sweet word of peaceEXETER HALLPage Scan
123Forward! said the ProphetST. ROBERT OF FOUNTAINSPage Scan
124Go, labour on; spend and be spentHESPERUSPage Scan
125Hark, the swelling breezes, rising from afarST. DENISPage Scan
126aHark, 'tis the watchman's cryVIGILATEPage Scan
126bHark, 'tis the watchman's cryST. MARGARETPage Scan
127Head of the Church triumphantLOSTWITHIELPage Scan
128High up, upon the RockFYVIEPage Scan
129Ho, reapers in the whitened harvestRENOVATOR VIRUMPage Scan
130How beauteous are their feetCARLISLEPage Scan
131How blessèd from the bonds of sinLOOK UNTO MEPage Scan
132I could not do the work the reapers didBROTHERTOFTPage Scan
133I will go in the strength of the LordGIRTFORDPage Scan
134Jesus! I am resting, restingTRANQUILLITYPage Scan
135Lift up your heads, ye gates of brassWINCHESTER OLDPage Scan
136Lord, I know a work is waitingHANNINGTONPage Scan
137My God, my Father, let me restHOLLEYPage Scan
138O Lord, with Thee 'tis but a little matterAVOCHIEPage Scan
139Once Thy servants toiled in rowingGENNESARETHPage Scan
140Onward, Christian soldiersST. GERTRUDEPage Scan
141O word of God IncarnateKISULUTINIPage Scan
142Present with the two or threeSELBYPage Scan
143Put thou thy trust in GodLEEDSPage Scan
144Rabboni, Master, we have heardADVENTUS DOMINIPage Scan
145Sow in the morn thy seedST. GEORGE (GAUNTLETT)Page Scan
146Stand, up, stand up for JesusADSURGITEPage Scan
147aThe red cross of our bannerSINIMPage Scan
147bThe red cross of our bannerTANGANYIKAPage Scan
148There's a fight to be foughtHOLY WARPage Scan
149Through the night of doubt and sorrowST. AMBROSEPage Scan
150To the work! to the work! we are servants of GodAD LABOREMPage Scan
151Triumphant news! fight on!NARENZAPage Scan
152What was Thy holy joy, O LordHANFORDPage Scan
153Work, for the day is comingALTRINCHAMPage Scan
154Ye servants of the LordST. MICHAELPage Scan
155Come, Lord, and tarry notLANGTON
156For all the saints who from their labours restPRO OMNIBUS SANCTISPage Scan
157Give me the wings of faith to riseMARTYRDOMPage Scan
158Hark, the sound of holy voicesSANCTUARYPage Scan
159How bright those glorious spirits shine!BEATITUDOPage Scan
160King of Saints, to Whom the numberKING OF SAINTSPage Scan
161Once more, with chastened joyST. HELENAPage Scan
162Ten thousand times ten thousandALFORDPage Scan
163There is singing in the HomelandHOMELANDPage Scan
164The saints of God, their conflict pastRESTPage Scan
165Who are these like stars appearingALL SAINTSPage Scan
166Come, Lord, and tarry notLANGTONPage Scan
167Great Jehovah! mighty Lord!LOWESTOFTPage Scan
168Hail to the Lord's AnointedCRÜGERPage Scan
169Hark! the song of JubileeSALZBURGPage Scan
170He shall reign o'er all the earthWALTHAMPage Scan
171Hills of the North, rejoice!CROFT'S 148TH PSALMPage Scan
172Jesus comes, His conflict overWOLVERHAMPTONPage Scan
173Jesus, immortal King, ariseLONDON NEWPage Scan
174aJesus shall reign, where'er the sunOMBERSLEYPage Scan
174bJesus shall reign, where'er the sunGALILEEPage Scan
175Look, ye saints, the sight is gloriousCHRISTIS CORONATUSPage Scan
176No earthquake throes, no plaguesST. DUNSTANPage Scan
177Our Lord is now rejectedDIES DOMINIPage Scan
178aO world of prideVICTORYPage Scan
178bO world of prideCHAGGAPage Scan
179They come and go, the seasons fairWHEN THE KING COMESPage Scan
180Thou art coming, O my SaviourBEVERLYPage Scan
181Thy kingdom come! From year to yearRESTPage Scan
182Thy kingdom come, O GodST. CECILIAPage Scan
183When the King comes back from the far-off landEDITHPage Scan
184Zion's King shall reign victoriousSICILIAN MARINERSPage Scan
185Can I, a little childST. MATTHEW'S, BAYSWATERPage Scan
186God in Heaven, hear our singingSTUTTGARTPage Scan
187God of love, before Thee nowGERMAN HYMNPage Scan
188Hark, I hear a trumpet sounding!ST. AMBROSEPage Scan
189How blest are they who striveFRANCONIAPage Scan
190How many sheep are strayingPROCUL AB OVILIPage Scan

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