The Christian Lyre: Vol I (8th ed. rev.)

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
93aSometimes a light surprisesLIGHTPage Scan
93bI would not live always: I ask not to stayPage Scan
94When thou, my righteous judge, shalt comeANTICIPATIONPage Scan
95Mid scenes of confusion and creature complainsHOMEPage Scan
96An alien from God, and a stranger to gracePage Scan
97Long have I tried terrestrial joysWHITINGPage Scan
98Like Paul I would desire to diePage Scan
99From every earthly pleasureROMAINEPage Scan
100Jesus! thou art the sinner's FriendPISGAHPage Scan
101Not from the dust affliction growsRESIGNATIONPage Scan
102O thou, whose tender mercy hearsPage Scan
103O why did I my Savior leavePage Scan
104Rock of ages! cleft for meCECILPage Scan
105Since the Son hath made me freePage Scan
106Come and let us praise our KingPage Scan
107Jesus is our common LordPage Scan
108Now the Savior stands a pleadingPLEADING SAVIORPage Scan
109Precious Bible! what a treasureTREASUREPage Scan
110Saw ye my Savior—Saw ye my SaviorATONEMENTPage Scan
111Hail, sovereign love, that first beganHIDING PLACEPage Scan
112Jesus thou hast bid us prayWHO'S LIKE JESUSPage Scan
113Why sleep we, my brethren? Come, let us ariseHOPKINSPage Scan
114Blow ye the trumpet, blowJUBILEEPage Scan
115To-day, if you will hear his voiceNEW GRAFTONPage Scan
116When marshall'd on the nightly plainSTAR OF BETHLEHEMPage Scan
117The ransom'd spirit to her homePage Scan
118Blest be the tie that bindsLISBONPage Scan
119Ye dying sons of menCARMARTHENPage Scan
120Who can describe the painPage Scan
121We give immortal praisePage Scan
122Ye angels, who stand round the throneDE FLEURYPage Scan
123How tedious and tasteless the hoursPage Scan
124O'er the gloomy hills of darknessCALCUTTAPage Scan
125On the mountain's top appearingPage Scan
126Men of God, go take your stationsPage Scan
127Once I thought my mountain strongCOMPLAINTPage Scan
128Pensive, doubting, fearful heartPage Scan
129Met, O God, to ask thy presenceWATERBURYPage Scan
130Jesus stands, O how amazingPage Scan
131God of my life, look gently downPOLANDPage Scan
132aSoldiers of the cross, arise!WALLACEPage Scan
132bServants of the living GodPage Scan
133The day is far spentNINEVEHPage Scan
134Hark! what is that notePage Scan
135Savior, visit thy plantationVISITATIONPage Scan
136O Sacred Head, now woundedHOFWYLPage Scan
137Ah! tell us not moreSACRAMENTPage Scan
138Thou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver streamsST. DENISPage Scan
139Brother, thou art gone before usPARSONSPage Scan
140Ah, guilty sinner, ruined by transgressionBUNKER HILLPage Scan
141See Sodom wrapped in fire!EGYPTPage Scan
142Sinners, the call obeyPage Scan
143How can a sinner knowPage Scan
144When, O my Savior, shall this heartACCOMACKPage Scan
145Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stayPage Scan
146O thou who all things canst controlPage Scan
147O fly, mourning sinner, saith Jesus, to meRESTPage Scan
148When shall we three meet again?PARTING FRIENDSPage Scan

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