The Covenant Hymnal: a worshipbook

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501Out of need and out of customHOLY MANNA
502Christians, we have met to worshipHOLY MANNA
503Be still and know that I am God[Be still and know that I am God]
504Gathered in God's presenceOLYMPIC HYMN
505Each man and woman raise your voiceWELCOME
506Lord, we worship and adore youLAKE AVENUE
507In your temple courts, O FatherLAMMETS FOLK
508What is this place where we are meeting?KOMT NU MET ZANG
509This is holy ground[This is holy ground]
510We are standing on holy ground[We are standing on holy ground]
511Here in this place, the new light is streamingGATHER US IN
512Come, celebrate the presence of the LordOVER TEXAS
513Jesus, stand among us[Jesus, stand among us]
514Come, Spirit, comeINVOCATION
515We come to our eternal GodMIT FREUDEN ZARTPage Scan
516God is here! As we your peopleABBOT’S LEIGH
517Holy, holy, Lord God AlmightyDONA NOBIS PACEM
518What joy there is in comingSANCTUARYPage Scan
519Come into his presence singingHIS PRESENCEPage Scan
520Open now your gates of beautyUNSER HERRSCHERPage Scan
521Holy Spirit, come with powerRUSTINGTON
522The Word of God is solid groundCONSTANCE
523O Word of God incarnateMUNICHPage Scan
524When I feel afraid, think I've lost my wayTHY WORD
525Sing them over again to meWORDS OF LIFEPage Scan
526Blest are they, the poor in spirit[Blest are they, the poor in spirit]
527Tell me the old, old storyEVANGEL
528The Word of God is alivePARKS
529Almighty God, your Word is castBELMONTPage Scan
530Lord, I have made your Word my choiceCRIMONDPage Scan
531God has spoken by his prophetsAUSTRIAN HYMNPage Scan
532This is a story full of loveSHANTIPage Scan
533The highest joy that can be knownHIGHEST JOYPage Scan
534Blessed Jesus, at your WordLIEBSTER JESUPage Scan
535Break now the bread of lifeBREAD OF LIFEPage Scan
536Thanks to God whose Word was spokenPRAISE, MY SOULPage Scan
537In water we grow, secure in the wombLAUDATE DOMINUMPage Scan
538Water of lifeWATER OF LIFE
539See this wonder in the makingTRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARA
540Wash, O God, our sons and daughtersBEACH SPRING
541All who believe and are baptizedMIT FRUEDEN ZARTPage Scan
542Child of blessing, child of promiseSTUTTGART
543As Christ the little children blessedCHRISTMAS CANDLES
544Jesus, Friend so kind and gentleTILLFLYKT
545This child we dedicate to youFAIRHILL
546Lord, we bring to you our childrenWYCLIFF
547Baptized in waterBUNESSAN
548The fruit of love, this gift of lifeENGLISH
549I believe in you, Lord JesusMUNICHPage Scan
550I come with joy, a child of GodDOVE OF PEACE
551As we gather at your tableBEACH SPRING
552How great the joy the Lord providesDAY OF REDEMPTION
553Come, let us eat for now the feast is spread[Come, let us eat for now the feast is spread]
554Eat this bread, drink this cupBERTHIER
555In celebration, clap your hands and singSINE NOMINE
556At the Lamb's high feast we singSONNE DER GERECHTIGKEIT
557I am the bread of life; you who come to me shall not hungerBREAD OF LIFE
558Come, risen Lord, as guest among your own!SURSUM CORDA
559Here, O my Lord, I see you face to facePENITENTIAPage Scan
560As when the shepherd calls his sheepFINEST WHEAT
561Jesus, remember meREMEMBER ME
562Now the silence Now the peaceNOWPage Scan
563Clothe yourself, my soul, with gladnessSCHMÜCKE DICH
564O Lamb of God, most holyO LAMM GOTTESPage Scan
565Bread of the world, in mercy brokenEUCHARISTIC HYMN
566Bread of life, our host and meal[Bread of life, our host and meal]
567Jesus, Lamb of God, have mercy on usCONWOLD
568We gather here in Jesus' nameDIVERNON
569How wonderful it isGEMENSKAP
570Gentile or JewONE BREAD, ONE BODY
571In the breaking of breadEMMAUS
572Let us break bread togetherLET US BREAK BREAD
573This is the three-fold truth on which our faith dependsACCLAMATIONSPage Scan
574Worthy is Christ, the LambFESTIVAL CANTICLE
575Now let us from this table riseTALLIS' CANONPage Scan
576Christ is made the sure foundationEDEN CHURCH
577Come, we that love the LordMARCHING TO ZIONPage Scan
578Thank you, God, for sisters, brothersAUSTRIAN HYMNPage Scan
579The Church's one foundationAURELIAPage Scan
580God bless your church with strength!DIADEMATA
581Though I may speak with bravest fireGIFT OF LOVEPage Scan
582We are people of God's peaceAVE VIRGO VIRGINUM
583Help us accept each otherAURELIAPage Scan
584Faith of our fathers, living stillST. CATHERINEPage Scan
585God, Creator of your peopleHOLY MANNA
586Jesus, Lord, we look to theeABERYSTWYTHPage Scan
587Slaves once were we, now we are heirsO WALY WALY
588Holy Spirit, gracious guestANDERSONPage Scan
589We will lay (we will lay) our burden down[We will lay our burden down]
590We are a new creationWIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN
591They shall be oaks of righteousnessGRANBY OAK
592With God as our Friend, with his Spirit and WordAHNFELT
593In Christ there is no East or WestST. PETER
594Glorious things of you are spokenAUSTRIAN HYMN
595Built on the rock the Church does standKIRKEN
596When Christ was lifted from the earthMcKEE
597Christ, you are the fullness of GodARIRANG
598I love your kingdom, LordST. THOMAS
599O Breath of life, come sweeping through meBLOMQVISTPage Scan
600We are God's people, the chosen of the LordSYMPHONY

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