A Collection of Hymn Tunes from the most modern and approved authors

Editor: Andrew Law, A. M.
Publisher: Wm Law, Cheshire, Conn., 1783
Language: English
Notes: Also includes "A Collection of Hymns, for social worship" by Andrew Law
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1WINDHAMScorePage ScanAudio
2SKY LARKScorePage ScanAudio
3PALMISScorePage ScanAudio
4NEWPORTScorePage ScanAudio
5aTRINITYScorePage ScanAudio
5bHALLIFAXScorePage ScanAudio
6aDORSETScorePage ScanAudio
6bPORTSMOUTHScorePage ScanAudio
7aCANAANScorePage ScanAudio
7bBIRKSTEDScorePage ScanAudio
8STAMFORDScorePage ScanAudio
9FAIRFIELDScorePage ScanAudio
10aLAUNCESTONScorePage ScanAudio
10bREADINGScorePage ScanAudio
11FEVERSHAMScorePage ScanAudio
12aRONDEAUScorePage ScanAudio
12bCHRISTMASScorePage ScanAudio
13WEDNESBURYScorePage ScanAudio
14HABAKKUKScorePage ScanAudio
16HOTHAMScorePage ScanAudio
17TRENTONScorePage ScanAudio
18PRINCETONScorePage ScanAudio
20TRUMPETScorePage ScanAudio
21MOURNERSScorePage ScanAudio
22LYMEScorePage ScanAudio
23SOMERSETScorePage ScanAudio
24EASTER DAYScorePage ScanAudio
25FULHAMScorePage ScanAudio
26aPEWSEYScorePage ScanAudio
26bCRUCIFIXIONScorePage ScanAudio
27DUNSTANScorePage ScanAudio
28SCOTLANDScorePage ScanAudio
29CHESHUNTScorePage ScanAudio
33aWATERTOWNScorePage ScanAudio
33bGROTONScorePage ScanAudio
34DEERFIELDScorePage ScanAudio
35SOPHRONIAScorePage ScanAudio
IHail to thy brightness glorious sunTextPage Scan
IIFather, our hearts we liftTextPage Scan
IIIO sight of anguish! view it nearTextPage Scan
IVJesus drinks the bitter cupTextPage Scan
VHail the day that sees him riseTextPage Scan
VIRejoice, the Lord is KingTextPage Scan
VIIHe comes! he comes! the judge severe!TextPage Scan
VIIILo! he cometh! countless trumpetsTextPage Scan
IXCome, thou Almighty KingTextPage Scan
XJesu, lover of my soulTextPage Scan
XILove divine, all love excellingTextPage Scan
XIIAh! woe is me, constrain'd to dwellTextPage Scan
XIIIAway my unbelieving fearTextPage Scan
XIVWorld adieu! thou real cheatTextPage Scan
XVRise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsTextPage Scan
XVICome, let us ascendTextPage Scan
XVIIWho hath our report believedTextPage Scan
XVIIIHappy Soul, thy days are ended TextPage Scan
XIXChildren of the heav'nly King,TextPage Scan
XXPlunged in a gulph of dark despairTextPage Scan
XXIHow sad our fate by nature isTextPage Scan
XXIILord we come before thee nowTextPage Scan
XXIIISoldier of Christ adieu!TextPage Scan
XXIVHe dies, the friend of sinners dies!TextPage Scan
XXVThe Lord my pasture shall prepareTextPage Scan
XXVIHark! from the tombs a doleful soundTextPage Scan
XXVIIJesus Christ is risen today, HallelujahTextPage Scan
XXVIIILift up your heads in joyful hopeTextPage Scan
XXIXFaint is my head and sick my heartTextPage Scan
XXXBlow ye the trumpet, blowTextPage Scan
XXXIHo, everyone that thirsts, draw nighTextPage Scan
XXXIIBehold, arrayed in lightTextPage Scan
XXXIIIHearts of stone, relent, relentTextPage Scan
XXXIVMourn, mourn, ye Saints who once did seeTextPage Scan
XXXVThou, Jesus, art our king!TextPage Scan
XXXVIWhen all thy mercies, O my GodTextPage Scan
XXXVIIThou great and sacred Lord of allTextPage Scan
XXXVIIIPraise to the God who arch'd the skyTextPage Scan
XXXIXEternal Power, whose high abodeTextPage Scan
XLJesu, my God and King TextPage Scan
XLIBegin the high celestial strainTextPage Scan
XLIIO God of good, the unfathomed seaTextPage Scan
XLIIILord, when my thoughts with wonder rollTextPage Scan
XLIVWhen the fierce north wind, with his airy forcesTextPage Scan
XLVAnd is the lovely shadow fledTextPage Scan
XLVIForbear, my friends, forbear, and ask no moreTextPage Scan
XLVIIThe voice of my beloved soundsTextPage Scan
XLVIIIGlory and honour be to theeTextPage Scan
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