A Collection of Hymns: for camp meetings, revivals, &c., for the use of the Primitive Methodists

Editor: Hugh Bourne
Publisher: Thomas Taylor, in trust for the American Primitive Methodists, New York, 1844
Denomination: Primitive Methodist Church
Language: English
Notes: With this is bound "Large Hymn Book, for the use of the Primitive Methodists" edited by Hugh Bourne. Numbered separately (L)
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1Christ he sits on Zion's hillPage Scan
2Arise, O Zion! rise and shineTextPage Scan
3Come, angels, seize your harps of goldPage Scan
4Come, all my brethren in the LordPage Scan
5Come, all my partners in distressPage Scan
6Come, all ye wand'ring pilgrims dearPage Scan
7Come, friends and relations, let's join heartPage Scan
8Come, saints and sinners, hear me tellPage Scan
9Come, ye sinners, poor and needyPage Scan
10Farewell, farewell, fare you wellPage Scan
11The Lord's into his vineyard comePage Scan
12Hark! listen to the trumpetersPage Scan
13Haste again, ye days of grace!Page Scan
14Come, O come, thou vilest sinnerPage Scan
15Yonder see the Lord descendingPage Scan
16O ye children of the lightPage Scan
17Lift up your hearts, Emmanuel's friendsPage Scan
18My days, my weeks, my months, my yearsPage Scan
19My soul's full of glory, which inspires my tonguePage Scan
20O God, my heart with love inflamePage Scan
21On Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
22Alas! how soon the body dies!Page Scan
23Our souls, by love together knitPage Scan
24Poor Zion lies in sore distressPage Scan
25See how the Scriptures and fulfillingPage Scan
26The sea and land together burningPage Scan
27At Jacob's well, a stranger soughtPage Scan
28Stop, poor sinner, stop and thinkPage Scan
29Sweet rivers of redeeming lovePage Scan
30That glorious day is drawing nighPage Scan
31Let Satan rage and boast no morePage Scan
32The Lord's into his garden comePage Scan
33Come, brethren dear, who know the LordPage Scan
34There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
35This is the field-the world belowPage Scan
36Wand'ring pilgrims, mourning ChristiansPage Scan
37The voice of free grace criesPage Scan
38What sound is this salutes my ear?Page Scan
39While Jesus dwelt on earth belowPage Scan
40We've found the rock!Page Scan
41O count this world below as dross!Page Scan
42Come, all ye weary travellersPage Scan
43At first when Jesus found usPage Scan
44Arise, O Zion! rise and shine!TextPage Scan
45The gospel news is soundingPage Scan
46Come, and taste along with mePage Scan
47Arise, ye servants of the LordPage Scan
48How beauteous are their feetPage Scan
49Beyond the glitt'ring starry skiesPage Scan
50I'm glad I ever saw the dayPage Scan
51Is there any body here like weeping Mary?Page Scan
52Come, my brethren, let us tryPage Scan
53When I survey the wondrous crossPage Scan
54Camp Meetings with success are crown'dPage Scan
55The harvest fields are whiteningPage Scan
56Saviour, visit thy plantationPage Scan
57Where are those we counted LeadersPage Scan
58Fare ye well, ye fav'rite fewPage Scan
59Beauteous are the feet of thosePage Scan
60From all that dwell below the skiesPage Scan
61Go labour in the vineyardPage Scan
62Again with wonder and delightPage Scan
63Let all who make the Lord their choicePage Scan
64Saviour, to thee I bowPage Scan
65Thy sons and daughters, Lord beholdPage Scan
66Almighty and Eternal GodPage Scan
67Jesus, accept my longing heartPage Scan
68Fare ye well, ye pious bandPage Scan
69Direct me in thy way, O LordPage Scan
70When Nicodemus came by nightPage Scan
71Come, ye that love the LordPage Scan
72Great Author of eternal dayPage Scan
73Come, ye sinners, Christ has suffer'dPage Scan
74Sinners, you will soon be dying!Page Scan
75We seek a glorious rest abovePage Scan
76Ye sons and daughters of the LordPage Scan
77Jesus hath devis'd a planPage Scan
78Christ Jesus' track we still pursuePage Scan
79That awful day is drawing nearPage Scan
80Camp Meetings with thy presence crownPage Scan
81Father, behold the SonPage Scan
82Up into thee, our living HeadPage Scan
83Behold a bush that burns with firePage Scan
84The seventh trumpet we shall hearPage Scan
85O that in me the sacred firePage Scan
86Behold the Judge descending!Page Scan
87Come, ye children, young and dearPage Scan
88I'll look, perhaps my Lord may come!Page Scan
89The Lord into his garden comesPage Scan
90Refining fire, go through my heart!Page Scan
91Behold, a table richly spreadPage Scan
92O all ye nations, praise the LordPage Scan
93aSalvation in sweet flowing streamsPage Scan
93bO that thou would'st the heavens rentPage Scan
94O gracious Lord, how good thou art!Page Scan
95Look, Jesus, from thy lofty thronePage Scan
96Servants of the great JehovahPage Scan
97Where shall my soul begin to singPage Scan
98Great God, how wonderful art thouPage Scan
99Thou choosest not the rich and greatPage Scan

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