Church Hymn Book . 3rd ed.

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d601When Jesus unto the Jordan came
d602When John in prison came
d603When man's account to light is brought
d604When night descends in sable guise
d605When some kind shepherd from his [the] fold
d606When the disciples refuge sought
d607When the distressed disciples were
d608When the first parents of our race
d609When the poor leper's case I read
d610When times of trouble are at hand
d611When we are raised from deep distress
d612When we our gracious Lord entreat
d613Where two or three, with sweet accord
d614Where'er the gospel truth is taught
d615Wherever faithful souls are joined
d616While carnal men, with all their might
d617While my Redeemer's near
d618While shepherds watch [watched] their flocks by night
d619While to the grave our friends are borne
d620Whilst shepherds kept their flocks by night
d621Who hath believed thy sacred word
d622Who shall ascend thy heavenly [holy] place
d623Whom man forsakes thou wilt not leave
d624Why did the nations join to slay
d625Why do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friends
d626Why flow these torrents of distress
d627Why should my heart feel so dismayed
d628Why should my soul feel so dismayed
d629Why should our mourning thoughts delight
d630Why should the mighty make their boast
d631Why should we fear the powers of hell
d632Why should we start and fear to die
d633With eye impartial, heaven's high King
d634With heavenly power, O Lord, defend
d635With holy fear, and humble song
d636With one consent let all the earth
d637With reverence and holy fear
d638With songs and honors sounding loud
d639Ye careless sons of men be wise
d640Ye careless souls will ye delay
d641Ye Christian men, pray notice well
d642Ye Christian parents, dry your eyes [tears]
d643Ye humble souls, approach your God
d644Ye mourning sinners, here disclose
d645Ye nations, who on earth do dwell
d646Ye sons of men, come one and all
d647Ye sons of men in sacred lays
d648Ye that would after Jesus press
d649Ye virgin [waiting] souls, arise
d650Ye who in in former days, Were found at Zion's gate
d651Ye who profess the Lord to love
d652Ye who profess to love the Lord
d653Ye worlds of light, that roll so near
d654Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor Behold a royal feast
d655Ye wretched sons of men draw near
d656Zion, receive thy glorious King

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