A Collection of Hymns and Prayers, for Public and Private Worship

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201Tis by the faith of joys to comeTextPage Scan
202Not by the law of innocenceTextPage Scan
203Mistaken souls, that dream of heav'nTextPage Scan
204There is a glorious world on highTextPage Scan
205As body, when the soul has fledTextPage Scan
206Eternal Spirit! 'twas thy breathTextPage Scan
207'Twas by an order from the LordTextPage Scan
208Father of mercies, in thy wordTextPage Scan
209Let av'rice, borne from shore to shoreTextPage Scan
210Let all the heathen writers joinTextPage Scan
211When Israel through the desert pass'dTextPage Scan
212The Spirit breathes upon the wordTextPage Scan
213Laden with guilt, and full of fearsTextPage Scan
214Shall atheists dare insult the crossTextPage Scan
215Lord! what our ears have heardTextPage Scan
216See, Israel's gentle Shepherd standsTextPage Scan
217Behold what condescending loveTextPage Scan
218The sacred institution, LordTextPage Scan
219"Proclaim," said Christ, God's wondrous graceTextPage Scan
220Come, Father, Son, and Holy GhostTextPage Scan
221'Twas on that dreadful, doleful nightTextPage Scan
222This is the feast of heavenly wineTextPage Scan
223Jesus invites his saintsTextPage Scan
224Jesus is gone above the skiesTextPage Scan
225Ye foll'wers of the Prince of peaceTextPage Scan
226Come see on bloody CalvaryTextPage Scan
227Here at thy table, Lord, we meetTextPage Scan
228O Lord, wherewith have we deservedTextPage Scan
229My God! and is thy table spread?TextPage Scan
230The Lord my Shepherd isTextPage Scan
231See how he lov'd! exclaim'd the JewsTextPage Scan
232O God, accept the sacred hourTextPage Scan
233I hear a voice that comes from farTextPage Scan
234How various and how newTextPage Scan
235Salvation, O the joyful sound!TextPage Scan
236My soul doth magnify the LordTextPage Scan
237Bless'd is the man, forever bless'dTextPage Scan
238Indulgent God! to Thee I raiseTextPage Scan
239Rise, O my soul, the hours reviewTextPage Scan
240Not all the nobles of the earthTextPage Scan
241O happy soul that lives on high!TextPage Scan
242When gloomy thoughts and fearsTextPage Scan
243Happy the man, whose wishes climbTextPage Scan
244A charge to keep I haveTextPage Scan
245Sweet is the friendly voice which speaksTextPage Scan
246My faith looks up to theeTextPage Scan
247The Lord, who truly knowsTextPage Scan
248Father Divine, thy piercing eyeTextPage Scan
249Pray'r is the soul's sincere desireTextPage Scan
250Fain would my soul with wonder traceTextPage Scan
251Far from the world, O Lord, I fleeTextPage Scan
252I love to steal awhile awayTextPage Scan
253Approach, my soul, the mercy-seatTextPage Scan
254Jesus! and shall it ever beTextPage Scan
255How sweet the name of Jesus soundsTextPage Scan
256Sweet the moments, rich in blessingTextPage Scan
257Oh, could I find from day to dayTextPage Scan
258Jesus, thy boundless love to meTextPage Scan
259Bless'd Jesus, when my soaring thoughtsTextPage Scan
260Let thoughtless thousands choose the roadTextPage Scan
261O thou, who hast at thy commandTextPage Scan
262Great God, indulge my humble claimTextPage Scan
263Thou art my portion, O my God!TextPage Scan
264While thee I seek, protecting Pow'rTextPage Scan
265Our Father, thron'd above the skyTextPage Scan
266When I can read my title clearTextPage Scan
267Courage, my soul! while God is nearTextPage Scan
268My spirit looks to God aloneTextPage Scan
269Now I have found the ground whereinTextPage Scan
270O God of Jacob, by whose handTextPage Scan
271The righteous Lord, supremely greatTextPage Scan
272As pants the hart for cooling springsTextPage Scan
273My God! permit me not to beTextPage Scan
274Return, my roving heart, returnTextPage Scan
275My Father! cheering name!TextPage Scan
276Wherefore should man, frail child of clayTextPage Scan
277Let Pharisees of high esteemTextPage Scan
278Blest be the tie, that bindsTextPage Scan
279Lo, what a pleasing sightTextPage Scan
280Dear Lord, my best desires fulfillTextPage Scan
281Had I the tongues of Greeks and JewsTextPage Scan
282Happy the heart, where graces reignTextPage Scan
283Ye servants of the LordTextPage Scan
284Forsake, my soul! the tents of sinTextPage Scan
285Let sorrow, Lord, my bosom fillTextPage Scan
286So let our lips and lives expressTextPage Scan
287Rejoice in God, the word commandsTextPage Scan
288O my soul, what means this sadness?TextPage Scan
289What strange perplexities arise!TextPage Scan
290Why sinks my weak desponding mind?TextPage Scan
291When darkness long has veil'd my mindTextPage Scan
292Ye, who in former daysTextPage Scan
293The wandering star, and fleeting windTextPage Scan
294How oft, alas! this wretched heartTextPage Scan
295Oh! for a closer walk with GodTextPage Scan
296Dear Jesus, let thy pitying eyeTextPage Scan
297Jesus, my Savior and my GodTextPage Scan
298"We've no abiding city here"TextPage Scan
299O Zion, when I think of theeTextPage Scan
300What thousands never knew the road!TextPage Scan

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