Chalice Hymnal

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201Christ Jesus, in agony in the garden of Olives
202O sacred head, now woundedPASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
203Here hangs a man discardedTextPage Scan
204Alas! And did my Savior bleed?HUDSONTextPage Scan
205Behold the love, the grace of GodTextPage Scan
206The blood that Jesus shed for meTHE BLOOD
207In the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUNText
208He never said a mumbalin' wordMUMBALIN' WORDText
209When I survey the wondrous cross
210Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offendedHERZLIEBSTER JESUTextPage Scan
211Jesus walked this lonesome valleyLONESOME VALLEYText
212In suff'ring love the thread of lifeBELMONT
213Who would ever have believed it?TRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARA
214Rock of Ages, cleft for meTOPLADYTextPage Scan
215Come, ye faithful, raise the strainST. KEVINTextPage Scan
216Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!EASTER HYMNText
217I know that my Redeemer lives[TRURO]Text
218Thine is the gloryMACCABEUSText
219"Where two or three are gathered in my name," declared Jesus
220O sons and daughters, sing your praiseO FILII ET FILIAE
221The strife is o'er, the battle doneVICTORYText
222Christ is risen! Shout hosanna!W ZLOBIE LEZYText
223Woman, weeping in the gardenKAKISTextPage Scan
224Low in the grave he layCHRIST AROSETextPage Scan
225I know that my Redeemer livethHANNAHTextPage Scan
226I serve a risen SaviorACKLEY
227I come to the garden aloneGARDENTextPage Scan
228The day of resurrectionTextPage Scan
229That Easter day with joy was brightPUER NOBIS NASCITURTextPage Scan
230Now the green blade rises from the buried grainNOËL NOUVELET
231Sing of one who walks beside usHOLY MANNA
232In the great quiet of God
233Alleluia! sing to JesusHYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
234Crown him with many crownsDIADEMATATextPage Scan
235Holy Spirit, making life alivePage Scan
236Wind who makes all winds that blowABERYSTWYTH
237On Pentecost they gatheredMUNICH
238I want to be counted among those
239Wake, the dawn is now full risingJEFFERSON
240Spirit of God, we have gathered together in this place, to pray
241Holy Spirit, Truth divineMERCYTextPage Scan
242Shaping spirit, move among usMEADWAYText
243O God, the Holy Spirit, come to us, and among us
244Loving Spirit, loving SpiritOMNI DIEText
245Like the murmur of the dove's songBRIDEGROOMText
246From out of our silent depths into visible corporate acts
247Wind upon the watersWIND UPON THE WATERS
248Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveST. AGNESText
249You moved on the watersSPIRIT
250O Breath of Life, come sweeping through usST. CLEMENTTextPage Scan
251O Holy Spirit, Root of lifePUER NOBIS NASCITUR
252Teach us, O God, not to torture ourselves
253Spirit, come, dispel our sadnessPLEADING SAVIORText
254Breathe on me, Breath of GodTRENTHAMText
255She sits like a bird, brooding on the watersTHAINAKY
256May holy wisdom, kind to humanity
257There's a spirit in the airLAUDSTextPage Scan
258Who comes from God, as Word and Breath?SALVE REGINA COELITUMTextPage Scan
259Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on meLIVING GOD
260Let it breathe on meLET IT BREATHE ON ME
261There's a sweet, sweet Spirit in this placeSWEET, SWEET SPIRIT
262It is not you who shape God
263Surely the presence of the Lord is in this placeWOLFE
264Where the Spirit of the Lord isADAMS
265Spirit of God, descend upon my heartMORECAMBETextPage Scan
266Gracious Spirit, dwell with meLUX PRIMAText
267Joys are flowing like a riverBLESSED QUIETNESSText
268God be in my head and in my understanding
269Come, Holy Spirit, fill this placeVENI CREATOR SPIRITUS
270Of all the Spirit's gifts to meALMSGIVINGTextPage Scan
271Within the whole family of God on earthText
272The church's one foundationAURELIAText
273Built on the rock the church does standKIRKEN DEN ER ETTextPage Scan
274I love your church, O GodST. THOMASTextPage Scan
275Christ is made the sure foundationWESTMINSTER ABBEYTextPage Scan
276We gather together to ask the Lord's blessingKREMSER
277Christians, we have met to worshipHOLY MANNATextPage Scan
278Here, O Lord, your servants gatherTOKYO
279Sisters and brothers--AriseText
280God is here! As we your peopleABBOT'S LEIGHText
281Creator, Spirit, hear us sing
282Light of light eternalARNSBERGText
283Jesus, stand among usWEM IN LEIDENSTAGENText
284Here in this place, the new light is streamingGATHER US IN
285How lovely, Lord, how lovelyMERLE'S TUNETextPage Scan
286This is the day, this is the dayTHE LORD'S DAY
287As a chalice cast of goldINWARD LIGHT
288O God of vision far greater than all human schemingLOBE DEN HERREN
289What is this place where we are meeting?KOMT NU MET ZANG
290I cannot dance, O LoveBRED DÌNA VIDA VINGAR
291Señor, yo quiero entrar (O God, I want to enter)ADORACION
292Miren qué beuno es cuando los creyentes están juntos(Look at how good it is for us to be here all together)MIREN QUÉ BUENO
293Out of need and out of customGATHERING
294Here we gather as God's PeopleNETTLETON
295In this very roomIN THIS VERY ROOM
296Dona nobis pacem Domine (Give to us your peace, O Jesus Christ)DONA NOBIS PACEM
297Dona nobis pacem, pacemDONA NOBIS PACEMText
298Kyrie eleisonORTHODOX KYRIEText
299Lord, have mercySINGAPURA
300Lord, have mercy upon usWILLAN KYRIEText

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