The Century Hymnal

Editor: H. Augustine Smith
Publisher: The Century Co., New York, N.Y., 1921
Language: English
Notes: The hymns numbered with Roman numerals are part of prepared orders of worship. Page images missing for hymns 70-90.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Come, thou almighty KingITALIAN HYMNPage Scan
2When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
3At thy feet, our God and FatherST. ASAPHPage Scan
4Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!NICAEAPage Scan
5God is in his holy templeAZABUPage Scan
6Bring, O morn, thy music! bring, O night, thy silence!NICAEAPage Scan
7Every morning mercies newKELSOPage Scan
8Come, my soul, thou must be wakingHAYDNPage Scan
9Sweetly the holy hymn Breaks on the morning airGREENWOODPage Scan
10Light of the world, we hail theeSALVE DOMINEPage Scan
11Still, still with thee, when purple morning breakethWINDSORPage Scan
12The morning walks upon the earthGARDINERPage Scan
13O God, thy world is sweet with prayerCANONBURYPage Scan
14O God, I thank thee for each sightHOPEPage Scan
15New every morning is the loveCANONBURYPage Scan
16The hours of rest are overST. CHRISTOPHERPage Scan
17Safely through another weekSABBATHPage Scan
18Again the morn of gladnessMORN OF GLADNESSPage Scan
19Light of Light, enlighten meHINCHMANPage Scan
20O day of rest and gladnessMENDEBRASPage Scan
21The dawn of God's dear SabbathST. GEORGE'S BOLTONPage Scan
22Now the day is over, Night is drawing nighMERRIALPage Scan
23This is the day of lightPage Scan
24Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
25Saviour breathe an evening blessingEVENING PRAYERPage Scan
26Abide with me! fast falls the eventideEVENTIDEPage Scan
27Hear us, our Father! we know thou wilt hear usCURFEWPage Scan
28Peacefully round us the shadows are fallingCURFEWPage Scan
29Day is dying in the westCHAUTAUQUAPage Scan
30The shadows of the evening hoursST. LEONARDPage Scan
31Through the love of God, our FatherAR HYD Y NOSPage Scan
32Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingSICILIAN MARINERSPage Scan
33Saviour, again to thy dear name we raiseBENEDICTIONPage Scan
34We praise thee, Lord, with earliest morning rayBENEDICTIONPage Scan
35On our way rejoicing, As we homeward moveST. ALBANPage Scan
36The Lord be with us as we bendBEATITUDOPage Scan
37May the grace of Christ our SaviourDORRNANCEPage Scan
38God be with you till we meet again!FAREWELLPage Scan
39Mighty God, while angels bless theeAUTUMNPage Scan
40Lord, thy glory fills the heavenFABENPage Scan
41Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore himBETHANY (ENGLISH)Page Scan
42O worship the King, all glorious aboveLYONSPage Scan
43Lord of all being, throned afarLOUVANPage Scan
44Ye servants of God, your Master proclaimLYONSPage Scan
45Before Jehovah's awful thronePARK STREETPage Scan
46Begin, my tongue, some heavenly themeMANOAHPage Scan
47Angel voices, ever singingANGEL VOICESPage Scan
48We praise thee, O God, our Redeemer, CreatorKREMSERPage Scan
49Ancient of Days, who sittest, throned in gloryANCIENT OF DAYSPage Scan
50Rejoice, ye pure in heartMARIONPage Scan
51Let the whole creation cryROLANDPage Scan
52The heavens declare thy gloryCHENIESPage Scan
53With happy voices singingBERTHOLDPage Scan
54God, the Lord, a King remainethREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
55Angels holy, high and lowlyANGELS HOLYPage Scan
56God is love, by him upholdenREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
57Joyful, joyful, we adore theeHYMN TO JOYPage Scan
58This is my Father's worldTERRA PATRISPage Scan
59We thank thee, Lord, for this fair earthCANONBURYPage Scan
60The world is glad, the world is brightGLADDENPage Scan
61All beautiful the march of daysSHACKLEFORDPage Scan
62The summer days are come againLAND OF RESTPage Scan
63Summer suns are glowingRUTHPage Scan
64With songs and honors sounding loudLAND OF RESTPage Scan
65God of the earth, the sky, the sea!PATER OMNIUMPage Scan
66Let us with a gladsome mindINNOCENTSPage Scan
67There's not a bird with lonely nestFAITHFULNESSPage Scan
68For the beauty of the earthDIXPage Scan
69My God, I thank thee, who hast madeWENTWORTHPage Scan
70O Lord of heaven and earth and seaALMSGIVING
71At all times praise the LordPASTOR BONUS
72O Father, thou who givest allALDRICH
73O love of God most fullPASTOR BONUS
74The beautiful bright sunshineSUNSHINE
75The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I knowPOLAND
76God is love—his mercy brightensDORRNANCE
77More dear to me the homely earthBELMONT
78There's a wideness in God's mercyWELLESLEY
79The King of love my shepherd isDOMINUS REGIT ME
80Our God, our help in ages pastST. ANNE
81God moves in a mysterious wayDUNDEE
82Thy word is like a garden, LordSERAPH
83O Word of God incarnateAURELIA
84Who would not love the BibleANGEL'S STORY
85Break thou the bread of lifeBREAD OF LIFE
86O lily pure, that drawest meELMHURST
87Lamp of our feet, whereby we traceLAMBETH
88Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of lifeWORDS OF LIFE
89Gracious Spirit, dwell with meBREAD OF HEAVEN
90Holy Spirit, Truth divineHAVEN
91Holy Ghost, with light divineLAST HOPEPage Scan
92Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathedST. CUTHBERTPage Scan
93Holy One, the InfinitePARACLETEPage Scan
94Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostPARACLETEPage Scan
95Spirit of God, descend upon my heartLONGWOODPage Scan
96Joy to the world! the Lord is comeANTIOCHPage Scan
97While shepherds watched their flocks by nightCHRISTMASPage Scan
98Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNPage Scan
99Angels, from the realms of gloryREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
100It came upon the midnight clearCAROLPage Scan

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