The Coronation Hymnal: a selection of hymns and songs

Editor: A. J. Gordon, Arthur T. Pierson
Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company, New York / Chicago / Toronto, 1894
Denomination: Baptist General Convention for Foreign Missions (U.S.)
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
100Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathedWREFORDPage Scan
101Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveDUNDEEPage Scan
102Come O Holy Ghost, within usEVENING PRAYERPage Scan
103O Blessed ParacleteMONSELLPage Scan
104Come, O Creator Spirit blest!ERNANPage Scan
105To Thee, O Comforter DivinePIETASPage Scan
106The Holy Ghost is hereTHATCHERPage Scan
107Holy Ghost, the InfinitePARACLETEPage Scan
108Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireHUMILITYPage Scan
109O holy Ghost! ariseGOTTLIEBPage Scan
110Spirit blest, who art adoredEVELYNPage Scan
111Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveHOLY SPIRIT, HEAVENLY DOVEPage Scan
112Salvation, oh, the joyful sound!SALISBURYPage Scan
113Thy works, not mine, O Christ!PASCALPage Scan
114There is a fountain fill'd with bloodCOWPERPage Scan
115Jesus the Lamb of GodMORNINGTONPage Scan
116Not all the blood of beastsBOYLSTONPage Scan
117Look to Jesus and be savedLOOK TO JESUSPage Scan
118The Spirit in our heartsOLNEYPage Scan
119Surely Christ thy griefs hath borneCLARENDON STREETPage Scan
120Jesus Christ is passing byJESUS CHRIST IS PASSING BYPage Scan
121Art thou weary, art thou languidSTEPHANOSPage Scan
122Heal me, O my Saviour, healST. COLUMBAPage Scan
123I heard the voice of Jesus sayVOX DILECTIPage Scan
124O Jesus, Thou art standingST. HILDAPage Scan
125Come in, O come! the door stands open nowCOME IN, O COME!Page Scan
126I lay my sins on JesusBENIGNUSPage Scan
127I saw one toiling in the wayVIA LUCISPage Scan
128I am trusting Thee, Lord JesusBULLINGERPage Scan
129Jesus, to Thy wounds I flyI AM TRUSTING, LORD, IN THEEPage Scan
130I saw the cross of JesusI LOVE TO TELL THE SYTORYPage Scan
131Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHPage Scan
132Drawn to the cross, which Thou hast blestCHRIST CRUCIFIED, I COMEPage Scan
133Lord Jesus, are we one with Thee?WIRTHPage Scan
134O joy, 'tis mine, this life divineOH, JOY! 'TIS MINE, THIS LIFE DIVINEPage Scan
135O blessing rich, for sons of menBURLINGTONPage Scan
136Jesu, gentlest SaviourJESUS, GENTLEST SAVIORPage Scan
137I lift my heart to TheeI LIFT MY HEART TO THEEPage Scan
138Praise the Saviour, ye who know HimPRAISE THE SAVIOURPage Scan
139I thirst, Thou wounded Lamb of GodMENDELSSOHNPage Scan
140Jesus, Thy blood and righteousnessILLAPage Scan
141Jesus is the same foreverJESUS IS THE SAME FOREVERPage Scan
142aRock of Ages, cleft for meROCK OF AGES, CLEFT FOR MEPage Scan
142bRock of Ages, cleft for meTOPLADYPage Scan
143Cleansed in our Saviour's precious bloodCLEANSED IN OUR SAVIOUR'S BLOODPage Scan
144Complete in Thee! no work of mineGRACE CHURCHPage Scan
145O Love that wilt not let me goO LOVE THAT WILT NOT LET ME GOPage Scan
146Let my life be hid with TheeMY LIFE BE HID WITH THEEPage Scan
147Clothed in thy righteousness, wash'd from my sinIN CHRISTOPage Scan
148Father, whate'er of earthly blissNAOMIPage Scan
149Abide in Thee, in that deep love of ThineLIVORNOPage Scan
150More love to Thee, O ChristMORE LOVE TO THEE, O CHREISTPage Scan
151Saviour, teach me, day by daySAVIOUR, TEACH MEPage Scan
152Jesus, Thou joy of loving heartsEMMAUSPage Scan
153Jesus!—the very thought is sweetCANONBURYPage Scan
154Jesus! the very thought of TheeBRADFORDPage Scan
155Jesus, these eyes have never seenFAITHPage Scan
156Jesus, Jesus, visit meJESUS, JESUS, VISIT MEPage Scan
157Holy Lamb, who Thee receiveHOLY LAMB, WHO THEE RECEIVEPage Scan
158O Jesus, King most wonderfulST. GREGORIUSPage Scan
159Leaning on Thee, my Guide, my FriendLEANING ON THEEPage Scan
160O Jesu, our beloved KingHOLY CROSSPage Scan
161Majestic sweetness sits enthronedORTONVILLEPage Scan
162Saviour, Thy dying loveSAVIOUR! THY DYING LOVEPage Scan
163On Thy bosom let me leanLEANING ON THE BELOVEDPage Scan
164Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!Page Scan
165My blessed Saviour, is Thy loveSAWLEYPage Scan
166When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
167Jesus! name decreed of oldDIJONPage Scan
168At the name of JesusEUDOXIAPage Scan
169Oh, could I speak the matchless worthARIELPage Scan
170Jesus, Thy name I loveLYTEPage Scan
171To Christ, the Prince of PeaceHAYDNPage Scan
172How sweet the name of Jesus soundsST. PETERPage Scan
173My dear Redeemer, and my LordHEBRONPage Scan
174When this passing world is doneHOW MUCH I OWEPage Scan
175None on earth, and none in heavenNONE BUT THEEPage Scan
176As pants the hart for cooling springsSPOHRPage Scan
177Sinful, sighing to be blestREDHEADPage Scan
178I need Thee, precious JesusRUTHERFORDPage Scan
179Jesus! our fainting spirits cryBOWDOIN SQUAREPage Scan
180"Thine, Thine forever,"—blessed bondTHINE, THINE FOREVERPage Scan
181Thy way and not mineTHY WAY AND NOT MINEPage Scan
182Take my life, and let it beTAKE MY LIFE, AND LET IT BEPage Scan
183Oh, touch my eyes, that I may seeERNANPage Scan
184Let me come closer to Thee, JesusLET ME COME CLOSER TO THEE, JESUSPage Scan
185My life, my love I give to TheeI'LL LIVE FOR HIMPage Scan
186O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in meBELMONTPage Scan
187Father, to Thee I comeAIDPage Scan
188None but Christ; His merit hides meST. SYLVESTERPage Scan
189Jesus, I live to TheeGORTONPage Scan
190My Jesus, as Thou wiltST. JUDEPage Scan
191Dear Lord and Master mine!SUBJECTIONPage Scan
192I cannot tell if short or longST. AGNESPage Scan
193Oh! the bitter shame and sorrowTHE ALTERED MOTTOPage Scan
194Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sinPAX DEIPage Scan
195Always with us, always with usDULCETTAPage Scan
196Pray always pray; the Holy Spirit pleadsPRAY ALWAYSPage Scan
197From every stormy wind that blowsRETREATPage Scan
198Hast thou within a care so deepFEDERAL STREETPage Scan

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