The Christians Duty, exhibited, in a series of Hymns: collected from various authors, designed for the worship of God, and for the edification of Christians (1st Ed.)

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
CCCITwo are better far then oneTextPage Scan
CCCIIUpward I lift mine EyesPage Scan
CCCIIIVain Man thy fond Pursuits forbearTextPage Scan
CCCIVWe are a Garden wall'd aroundTextPage Scan
CCCVWe bless the Father and the SonTextPage Scan
CCCVIWhat contradictions meetTextPage Scan
CCCVIIWhat equal Honours shall we bringTextPage Scan
CCCVIIIWhat happy Men, or Angels, theseTextPage Scan
CCCIXWhat mighty Man, or mighty GodTextPage Scan
CCCXWhat shall I render to my GodTextPage Scan
CCCXIWhat think you of Christ? is the TestTextPage Scan
CCCXIIWhat various Hindrances we meetTextPage Scan
CCCXIIIWhen all thy Mercies, O my God Page Scan
CCCXIVWhen Abraham's servant to procureTextPage Scan
CCCXVWhen blooming Youth is snatch'd awayTextPage Scan
CCCXVIWhen Christ shall rend from end to endTextPage Scan
CCCXVIIWhen compass'd with Clouds of DistressTextPage Scan
CCCXVIIIWhen Darkness long has vail'd my MindTextPage Scan
CCCXIXWhen descending from the SkyTextPage Scan
CCCXXWhen God reveal'd his gracious NameTextPage Scan
CCCXXIWhen Hannah press'd with GriefTextPage Scan
CCCXXIIWhen I can read my Title clearTextPage Scan
CCCXXIIIWhen JOHN, (tho a Man)TextPage Scan
CCCXXIVWhen Joseph his Brethren beheldTextPage Scan
CCCXXVWhen, O dear Jesus, when shall I TextPage Scan
CCCXXVIWhen our great Sov'reign from on HighTextPage Scan
CCCXXVIIWhen rising from the Bed of DeathPage Scan
CCCXXVIIIWhen we are rais'd from deep DistressTextPage Scan
CCCXXIXWhence do our mournful Thoughts ariseTextPage Scan
CCCXXXWhile Shepherds watch their Flocks by NightPage Scan
CCCXXXIWho has believ'd thy WordTextPage Scan
CCCXXXIIWho is this fair One in DistressTextPage Scan
CCCXXXIIIWho shall inhabit in thy HillTextPage Scan
CCCXXXIVWhy do we mourn departing Friends?TextPage Scan
CCCXXXVWhy flow these Torrents of Distress?TextPage Scan
CCCXXXVIWith Joy we meditate the GraceTextPage Scan
CCCXXXVIIYe Children of your God attendTextPage Scan
CCCXXXVIIIYe dying Sons of MenTextPage Scan
CCCXXXIXYe humble Souls, approach your GodTextPage Scan
CCCXLYe humble Souls that seek the LORDTextPage Scan
CCCXLIYe humble Sinners, in whose BreastTextPage Scan
CCCXLIIYe little Flock, whom JESUS feedsTextPage Scan
CCCXLIIIYe mourning Saints, whose streaming TearsTextPage Scan
CCCXLIVYe Souls that fear the LordTextPage Scan
CCCXLVYe Worlds of Light, that roll so nearTextPage Scan
CCCXLVIYe Sons of Earth prepare the PloughTextPage Scan
CCCXLVIIYe Sons of Men, a feeble RaceTextPage Scan
CCCXLVIIIYe Sons of Pride, that hate the JustTextPage Scan
CCCXLIXYe Virgin Souls, ariseTextPage Scan
CCCLYes, there are Joys that cannot dieTextPage Scan
CCCLIYonder--amazing Sight!--I seeTextPage Scan
CCCLIIZion rejoice, lift up your VoiceTextPage Scan

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