Catholic Book of Worship III

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510God the Spirit, guide and guardianHYMN TO JOYTextPage Scan
511Joyful, joyful, we adore youHYMN TO JOYTextPage Scan
512God created earth and heavenHYMN TO JOY
513God, whose almighty wordMOSCOWTextPage Scan
514Forth in the peace of Christ we goLLEDROD
515O sing a new song to the Lord[Alleluia! Go and teach all people my Gospel]
516All but this is loss[All but this is love]
517Lord Jesus, we must know youST. THEODULPHTextPage Scan
518The sky tells the glory of God[The sky tells the glory of God]
519To Abraham and Sarah the call of God was clearST. THEODULPH
520I, the Lord of sea and sky[I, the Lord of sea and sky]
521Now let us from this table riseDEUS TUORUM MILITUMTextPage Scan
522Blest are they, the poor in spirit[Blest are they, the poor in spirit]
523Blessed are the poor in spirit[Blessed are the poor in spirit]
524Break not the circle of enabling loveST. CLAREText
525Christ, from whom all blessings flowLAUDSTextPage Scan
526The Church's one foundationAURELIATextPage Scan
527O Christ, the great foundationAURELIA
528Father, we give you thanks, who plantedRENDEZ À DIEU
529In Christ there is no East or WestMcKEE
530There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism[There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism]
531For the beauty of the earthDIXText
532For the fruit of all creationAR HYD Y NOSTextPage Scan
533Sent forth by God's blessingASH GROVE
534Let all things now livingASH GROVE
535Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETText
536For your love, O Lord, we give thanks to you[For your love, O Lord, we give thanks to you]
537God, whose farm is all creationSHIPSTON
538Behold a broken world, we prayRESIGNATIONPage Scan
539Great God, whose will is peace for all the earthWESTFIELD
540Before the earth had yet begunCRAIGLEITH
541I sing the mighty pow'r of GodMOZARTTextPage Scan
542Sing to the sun, the bringer of day[Sing to the sun, the bringer of day]
543All creatures of our God and kingLASST UNS ERFREUENTextPage Scan
544O sing to God a joyful songLASST UNS ERFREUEN
545Come, O God of all the earth[Come, O God of all the earth]
546O praise the Lord, all you nations[O praise the Lord, all you nations]
547All praise to God who dwells withinNEW ST. THOMAS
548Sing to the Lord a new song[All the ends of the earth]
549AFather, we praise you as Lord[Alleluia, alleluia!]
549BNow he is living, the Christ[Alleluia! alleluia!]
550For your gracious blessing[For your gracious blessing]Text
551Give praise to the Lord!HANOVER
552Great God, we lift our hearts in praiseEIN' FESTE BURGTextPage Scan
553Your majesty is praised above the heavens[How great is your name, O Lord, our God]
554O Lord, my God! When I in awesome wonder[O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder]
555Holy God, we praise your nameGROSSER GOTTTextPage Scan
556Let all creation bless the LordMIT FREUDEN ZARTTextPage Scan
557Sound the trumpet into the night[Sound the trumpet into the night]
558Holy God, holy and mighty one[Holy God, holy and mighty one]TextPage Scan
559God, who gives to life its goodnessABBOT'S LEIGHPage Scan
560God is love! The heav'ns are tellingABBOT'S LEIGHTextPage Scan
561O God beyond all praisingTHAXTEDTextPage Scan
562O bless the Lord[O bless the Lord]
563Rise, O children, from your sleep[Rise, O children, from your sleep]
564Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the king of creationLOBE DEN HERRENText
565Praise, my soul, the king of heavenLAUDA ANIMATextPage Scan
566Sing a new song to the LordONSLOW SQUARETextPage Scan
567Praise the Lord, you heav'ns, adore himAUSTRIATextPage Scan
568Praise to the Lord, all of you God's servants[Praise to the Lord all of you God's servants]
569Sing to the Lord![Sing to the Lord]
570Laudate, omnes gentes[Laudate, omnes gentes]
571Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpetPRAISE THE LORD
572Jubilate Deo, ominis terra[Jubilate Deo, ominis terra]
573To you, our holy GodDARWALL'S 148th
574We will extol your praise, our God and kingWOODLANDS
575Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord!WOODLANDSText
576Praise for the light that shines through night[Praise for the light that shines through the night]
577Come, rejoice before your makerSTUTTGARTText
578All people that on earth do dwellOLD HUNDREDTHTextPage Scan
579APraise God, from whom all blessings flowOLD HUNDREDTHText
579BPraise God, from whom all blessings flowOLD HUNDREDTHText
580Rejoice in God, all earthly landsOLD HUNDREDTH
581Come, people of God, with joyful song[Come, people of God, with joyful song]
582Praise the One who breaks the darknessNETTLETONTextPage Scan
583As we gather at your tableNETTLETONText
584Cry out with joy to the Lord, all the earth[Arise, come to your God]
585This is the house of the LordSALVE FESTA DIES
586O day of God, draw nearFRANCONIA
587Here in this place, new light is streamingGATHER US IN
588I rejoiced when I heard them say[We shall go up with joy]
589Sing to the Lord, all you on earth[Sing to the Lord, all you on earth]Text
590On this day, the first of daysLÜBECKTextPage Scan
591Sing your joy, proclaim God's glory!SUMMIT HILL
592This is the day the Lord has madeHEATHER DEWTextPage Scan
593O praise the Lord, sing unto GodELLACOMBE
594O God of all the many landsELLACOMBETextPage Scan
595Christians, let us love one anotherPICARDY
596Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYTextPage Scan
597AAs we proclaim your death[As we proclaim your death]
597BBe with your people, Lord[Be with your people, Lord]
597CA child is born for us[A child is born for us]
597DOur hunger for your Word[Our hunger for your Word]
598The Lord is my shepherd (El Señor es mi pastor)[O Jesus, gentle shepherd]
599As the Father has loved me[As the Father has loved me]
600Long ago in days of Moses[Long ago in days of Moses]
601Gather your people[Gather your people]
602Eat this bread, drink this cup[Eat this bread, drink this cup]
603As when the shepherd calls his sheepFINEST WHEAT
604Is not the bread we break[Is not the bread we break]

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