The Book of Worship

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d401O where are the kings and empires now
d402O where is he that trod the sea
d403O where shall rest be found
d404O who is it like the mighty one
d405O worship the King, all glorious above
d406O Zion, tune thy voice And raise thy hands on high
d407Oft when the waves of passion rise
d408On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d409On the mountain [mountain's] top appearing
d410One [A] sweetly [sweet] solemn thought comes to me o'er and o'er
d411One sole baptismal sign
d412One there is above all others, well [who] deserves
d413Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat
d414Our Lord is risen from the dead, Our Jesus [Savior] is gone
d415Out of the deeps of long distress
d416Out on an ocean all boundless we ride
d417Palms of glory, raiment bright
d418People of the living God! I have sought the world
d419Pilgrim, burdened with thy sin, Haste to Zion's
d420Pity, Lord, the [this] child of clay
d421Plunged in a [the] gulf of dark [deep] despair
d422Praise on thee, in Zion's gates
d423Praise to God, immortal praise
d424Prince of peace control my will
d425Purer yet and purer I would be in mind
d426Quiet Lord my froward heart
d427Raise your triumphant songs
d428Rejoice, all ye believers
d429Rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is coming
d430Rejoice, the Lord is King, Your God [Lord] and King adore
d431Rise, glorious Conqueror [leader], rise
d432Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
d433Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee
d434Roll, Jordan, roll, thy foaming waters roll along
d435Safely through another week
d436Saints for whom the Savior bled
d437Salvation, O the joyful sound
d438Savior, breathe an evening blessing
d439Savior, like a shepherd lead us
d440Savior, listen to our prayer, poor and sinful though we are
d441Savior, source of every blessing, tune my heart to grateful lays
d442Savior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rain
d443Savior, when night involves the skies
d444Say, brother [brothers], will you meet me [us]
d445See, from Zion's sacred mountain
d446See Isr'l's gentle Shepherd stand [stands]
d447See what a living stone
d448Shall we gather at [by] the river, Where bright angel feet have trod
d449Shall we sing in heaven forever
d450Shepherd of eager [tender] youth
d451Shine on our land, Jehovah, shine
d452Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing
d453Shout the tidings of salvation to the aged and the young
d454Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgive
d455Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright
d456Sing, ye redeemed [ransomed] of the Lord
d457Sinner, rouse thee from thy sleep
d458Sinner [sinners] turn, why will ye [you] die
d459Softly now the light of day
d460Soon, in the grave my flesh shall rest
d461Soon may [shall] the last glad song arise
d462Soon shall we see the glorious morning
d463Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's dark
d464Sovereign Ruler of the skies
d465Stand up, and bless the Lord, ye people
d466Stand up, my soul [our souls], shake off thy [your] fears
d467Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross
d468Still with thee, O my God
d469Sun of my soul [our souls], thou [my] [O] Savior [Father] dear
d470Supreme in wisdom as in power
d471Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer
d472Sweet is the memory of thy grace
d473Sweet is the song of heaven
d474Sweet is the work, my [O] [our] God, [and] [my] [our] King
d475Sweet the moments, rich in blessing
d476Tarry with me, O my Savior
d477The Almighty reigns, exalted high
d478The day is past and gone, the evening shades appear
d479The eternal gates lift up their heads
d480The festal morn, my God, is come
d481The God of Abraham praise, who reigns enthroned
d482The God of peace who from the dead
d483The harvest dawn is near
d484The head that once was crowned with thorns
d485The heavens declare thy glory, Lord, in every star
d486The long lost son, with streaming eyes
d487The Lord is King, lift up thy [your] voice, O earth
d488The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know
d489The Lord is risen indeed; The grave has lost its prey
d490The Lord Jehovah reigns, And [His] royal state maintains
d491The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on high
d492The Lord my Shepherd is
d493The Lord of glory is my Light, And my
d494The Lord will raise Jerusalem
d495The mercies of my God and King
d496The morning light is breaking; the darkness disappears
d497The promise of my father's love
d498The promises I [we] sing which love supreme [sovereign love] once [hath] spoke
d499The Savior by whose name I'm called
d500The Savior, what a noble flame was kindled

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