Book of Worship with Hymns and Tunes

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
192O Christ, Thou bright and morning StarSWANWICKTextPage Scan
193Shine on our souls, eternal God!ST. MARTIN'STextPage Scan
194God of pity, God of gracePARACLETETextPage Scan
195A few more years shall rollBONARTextPage Scan
196Gently, Lord, oh, gently lead usAUTUMNTextPage Scan
197Lord, we come before Thee nowHENDONTextPage Scan
198More love to Thee, O Christ!PRENTISSTextPage Scan
199My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so?SPARTATextPage Scan
200Jesus, my strength, my hopeLEBANONTextPage Scan
201Saviour, like a Shepherd lead usSHEPHERDTextPage Scan
202Love divine, all love excellingBEECHERTextPage Scan
203O one with God the FatherAURELIATextPage Scan
204aGuide me, O Thou great Jehovah!SEGURTextPage Scan
204bGuide me, O thou great JehovahDISMISSALTextPage Scan
205In Thy name, O Lord, assemblingALVANTextPage Scan
206While we lowly bow before TheeMERLOTextPage Scan
207Rejoice, all ye believersTESCHNERTextPage Scan
208On Jordan's banks the Herald's cryALSTONETextPage Scan
209Hark, the glad sound; the Saviour comesST. SAVIOURTextPage Scan
210Joy to the world! the Lord is comeANTOICHTextPage Scan
211Who is this, so weak and helplessAUTUMNTextPage Scan
212Light of those whose dreary dwellingBROCKLESBURYTextPage Scan
213Arise, the kingdom is at handST. ANN'STextPage Scan
214Wake, awake, for night is flyingNICOLAITextPage Scan
215It came upon the midnight clearCAROLTextPage Scan
216Come hither, ye faithful, triumphantly singPORTUGUESE HYMNTextPage Scan
217Calm on the listening ear of nightNEWBOLDTextPage Scan
218Hark! what mean those holy voicesWILMOTTextPage Scan
219All praise to Thee, eternal LordSAMSONTextPage Scan
220aO little town of BethlehemNATIVITYTextPage Scan
220bO little town of BethlehemST. LOUISTextPage Scan
221Angels, from the realms of gloryMERLOTextPage Scan
222O Saviour of our raceVENICETextPage Scan
223Welcome to earth, Thou noble GuestERFURTTextPage Scan
224Hark! the herald angels singMENDELSSOHNTextPage Scan
225While shepherds watched their flocks by nightNOELTextPage Scan
226As with gladness men of oldTORONTOTextPage Scan
227High let us swell our tuneful notesZERAHTextPage Scan
228Brightest and best of the sons of the morningMORNING STARTextPage Scan
229In His temple now behold HimST. PANCRASTextPage Scan
230aO Christ, our true and only LightCANONBURYTextPage Scan
230bO Christ, our true and only LightWEIMARTextPage Scan
231aIn the cross of Christ I gloryRATHBUNTextPage Scan
231bIn the cross of Christ I gloryOXFORDTextPage Scan
232Not all the blood of beastsCLYMERTextPage Scan
233Thy life was given for meHAVERTextPage Scan
234As oft with worn and weary feetPATER OMNIUMTextPage Scan
235Saviour, when in dust, to TheeLITANYTextPage Scan
236Lord Jesus, by Thy passionCRUX CHRISTITextPage Scan
237"Stricken, smitten, and afflicted"AUTUMNTextPage Scan
238There is a fountain filled with bloodCOWPERTextPage Scan
239Our country is Immanuel's groundCHURCHTextPage Scan
240Go to dark GethsemanePILOTTextPage Scan
241'Tis midnight; and on Olive's browOLIVE'S BROWTextPage Scan
242Alas! and did my Saviour bleedAVONTextPage Scan
243aO sacred Head! now woundedPASSION CHORALETextPage Scan
243bO sacred Head! now woundedGERHARDTTextPage Scan
244Thou sweet flowing Kedron, by thy silver streamsMAGILLTextPage Scan
245When I survey the wondrous crossKINGSLEYTextPage Scan
246There is a dear and hallowed spotREMSENTextPage Scan
247O Lord, when we the path retraceURANIATextPage Scan
248Sweet the moments, rich in blessingGUIDANCETextPage Scan
249Arise, my soul, ariseLENOXTextPage Scan
250Hark! the voice of love and mercyCALVARYTextPage Scan
251Behold th'amazing sightDETRIOTTextPage Scan
252Weary sinner, keep thine eyesALETTATextPage Scan
253Lord, Jesus, when we stand afarCRUX BEATATextPage Scan
254In weariness and painWOOLWICHTextPage Scan
255And shall we still be slavesPENTONVILLETextPage Scan
256Jesus, in Thy dying woesSEPTEM VOCESTextPage Scan
257When, His salvation bringingHODGESTextPage Scan
258Oh, how shall I receive TheeTESCHNERTextPage Scan
259aRide on! ride on in majesty!ST. DROSTANETextPage Scan
259bRide on! ride on in majesty!BRESLAUTextPage Scan
260The happy morn is come!LISCHERTextPage Scan
261a"Christ, the Lord, is risen today"EASTER HYMNTextPage Scan
261b"Christ, the Lord, is risen today"WAKEMANTextPage Scan
262Lord Jesus, Who, our souls to saveHEBRONTextPage Scan
263The day of resurrectionROTTERDAMTextPage Scan
264Jesus lives! no longer nowJESUS MEINE ZUVERSICHTTextPage Scan
265How calm and beautiful the mornHASTINGSTextPage Scan
266All hail the glorious mornDARWALLTextPage Scan
267Yes, the Redeemer roseSTOWTextPage Scan
268aChrist the Lord is risen againWIRTEMBURGTextPage Scan
268bChrist the Lord is risen againINNOCENTSTextPage Scan
269Our Lord is risen from the deadROTHWELLTextPage Scan
270Jesus, our triumphant HeadONWARDTextPage Scan
271O Christ, our hope, our heart's desireSMITHTextPage Scan
272Hail the day that sees Him riseONIDOTextPage Scan
273Look, ye saints; the sight is gloriousST. PAULTextPage Scan
274Spirit of truth, on this Thy dayMORRIS CHANTTextPage Scan
275Lord God, the Holy Ghost!GLORYTextPage Scan
276To Thee, O Comforter divineINNSBRUCKTextPage Scan
277aO Lord our God, ariseMORNINGTONTextPage Scan
277bO Lord our God, ariseLEIGHTONTextPage Scan
278The Church's one foundationAURELIATextPage Scan
279O Lord of hosts, whose glory fillsWAREHAMTextPage Scan
280Great is the Lord our GodLUTHERTextPage Scan
281Behold the sure foundation stoneHARVEY'S CHANTTextPage Scan
282Christ is our CornerstoneCROFTTextPage Scan

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