Psalter Hymnal (Blue)

After the 1935/1956 "Red" Psalter Hymnal came the 1959/1976 "Blue" Psalter Hymnal--originally named the "centennial" hymnal. Read more about CRC Psalmody/Hymnody in Bert Polman's article "A History of Music in the Christian Reformed Church."
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"A History of Worship in the Christian Reformed Church" by Bert Polman (from The Psalter Hymnal Handbook, 1998, ed. by Emily Brink and Bert Polman)
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201O my soul, bless thou JehovahAUTUMN
202Mindful of our human frailtyTALMAR
203In the heavens the Lord AlmightyRATHBUN
204O come, my soul, bless thou the Lord thy MakerTIDINGS (TUNBRIDGE)
205The tender love a father hasAVONDALE
206My soul, bless the Lord! the Lord is most greatHOUGHTON
207The seasons are fixed by wisdom divineASPINWALL
208O Lord. how manifold the worksMOLINE
209Unto the Lord lift thankful voicesPIERRE
210O praise the Lord, His deeds make knownSPOHR
211Praise ye the Lord, for He is goodBARRE
212Praise the Lord, for He is goodHALLE
213Rebels, who had dared to showDIX
214Men who walk in folly's wayLUX PRIMA (GOUNOD)
215They that traffic on the seaROSEFIELD
216Springs and streams no longer blessBREAD OF HEAVEN
217O Praise the Lord, for He is goodGOSHEN
218My stedfast heart, O GodCUTTING
219My heart is fixed, O GodST. THOMAS
220O God, whom I delight to praisePENTECOST
221The Lord unto His Christ has saidALL SAINTS NEW
222O give the Lord whole-hearted praiseGERMANY
223How blest the man who fears the LordMELCOMBE
224Praise God, ye servants of the LordANDRE
225When Israel out of Egypt wentVOM HIMMEL HOCH
226Not unto us, O Lord of heavenGAIRNEY BRIDGE
227The Lord who has remembered usST. ANNE (Croft)
228I love the Lord, the fount of life and graceSACRIFICE OF PRAISE (Pierre)
229I love the Lord, for my requestCANONBURY
230What shall I render to the LordWALLACE
231Praise Jehovah, all ye nationsIN BABILONE
232O Praise the Lord, for He is goodHEAVENLY FOLD
233Let all exalt Jehovah's goodnessNAVARRE
234The glorious gates of righteousnessZERAH
235How blessed are the perfect in the wayROYAL LAW
236How blest the perfect in the wayAPPLETON
237How shall the young direct their wayDUANE STREET
238Thy servant blest by Thee, shall liveST. MARTIN'S
239My grieving soul revive, O LordDALEHURST
240Teach me, O Lord, Thy way of truthBISHOP
241Thy promised mercies send to meSARAH
242Lord, Thy Word to me rememberWILMOT (Weber)
243Thou art my portion, LordCARLISLE
244Thou, Lord, hast dealt well with Thy servantJANET
245Thou, who didst make and fashion meHUMILITY
246My soul for Thy salvation faintsBELMONT
247Forever settled in the heavensARCADIA
248How I love Thy law, O LordGRANDVILLE
249Thy Word sheds light upon my pathLOUVAN
250Deceit and falsehood I abhorSTELLA
251I have followed truth and justiceROBINSON
252Thy wondrous testimonies, LordST. CRISPIN
253O Lord, Thy perfect righteousnessLAMBETH
254O Lord, my earnest cryWELCOME VOICE
255Regard my grief and rescue mePRESTON
256Though mighty foes assail me, LordERSKINE
257O let my supplicating cryERNAN
258I cried to God in my distressBABYLON'S STREAMS
259Unto the hills I lift mine eyesKEEPER
260To the hills I lift mine eyesGUIDE
261I lift up mine eyes to the mountainesLUZON
262My soul was glad when unto meJERUSALEM'S PEACE
263With joy and gladness in my soulHARVEY'S CHANT
264My heart was glad to hear the welcome soundMORECAMBE
265To Thee, O Lord, I lift mine eyesPAXTANG
266Now Israel may say, and that in truthOLD 124TH
267All who with heart confidingKNOWHEAD
268When Zion in her low estateMELMORE
269Unless the Lord the house shall buildILIA
270Blest the man that fears JehovahGALILEE (JUDE)
271Through all the years, may Israel sayHUMILITY
272Out of the depths of sadnessCONTRITION
273From out the depths I cry, O Lord, to TheeSANDON
274From the depths do I invoke TheeEVENING PRAYER
275From the depths my prayer ascendethBULLINGER
276Not haughty is my heartTRENTHAM
277Gracious Lord, remember DavidULSTER
278How good and pleasant is the sightPRESSLY
279Behold, How Pleasant and How GoodSUCH A FRIEND
280O bless our God with one accordOLD HUNDREDTH
281O praise ye the Name of JehovahJANET
282Exalt the Lord, His praise proclaimCREATION
283Now may all in brotherhoodREMAIN
284Give thanks to God, for good is HeCONSTANCE
285By Babel's streams we sat and weptOLIVE'S BROW
286With grateful heart my thanks I bringTHE SOLID ROCK
287With all my heart will I recordJUBILATION
288Lord, Thou hast searched me and dost knowWOODWORTH
289All that I am I owe to TheeFEDERAL STREET
290O Lord, my inmost heart and thoughtBINGHAM
291Deliver me from evilMUNICH
292O Lord, make haste to hear my cryQUEBEC (HESPERUS)
293To God my earnest voice I raiseHAMBURG
294Lord, hear me in distressDENBY
295When morning lights the eastern skiesLYNTON
296Thrice blest be Jehovah, The rock of my mightST. DENIO
297O happy land, whose sons in youthSHORTLE
298I will extol Thee, O my GodGERARD
299O Lord, Thou art my God and KingDUKE STREET
300The Lord upholds the faltering feetNAZARETH

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