The Baptist Hymn Book, in Two Parts

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d301Jesus, thou odoriferous name
d302Jesus, thy blessings are not few
d303Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
d304Jesus, we bless thy Father's name
d305Jesus, what shall I do to show
d306Jesus, with all thy saints above
d307Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] come
d308Keep silence, all created things
d309Kind are the words that Jesus speaks
d310Kindred in Christ, for his dear [name's] sake
d311Legion was my name, by nature
d312Let avarice from [borne] shore to shore
d313Let every mortal ear attend
d314Let me but hear my [the] Savior say
d315Let party names no more
d316Let them neglect thy [their] glory, Lord
d317Let those who bear the Christian name
d318Let thy Kingdom, blessed Savior
d319Let Zion and her sons rejoice
d320Let Zion's watchman all awake
d321Life is the time to serve the Lord
d322Lift up your eyes to heavenly seats
d323Lift up your hearts in solemn lays
d324Lo what a glorious sight appears
d325Lo what an entertaining sight
d326Lord, at thy feet a [we] sinner [sinners] lie [lies]
d327Lord, at thy table I [we] behold The wonders of thy grace
d328Lord, dismiss us with Thy [your] blessing, Fill our
d329Lord, dost thou show [shew] a corner stone [cornerstone]
d330Lord God, omnipotent to bless
d331Lord, hast thou cast the nation off?
d332Lord, hast thou made me [us] know thy ways
d333Lord, how delightful 'tis to see A whole assembly worship thee
d334Lord, how secure and blest [blessed] are they
d335Lord, how secure my conscience was [lay]
d336Lord, I am pained; but I resign My body to thy will
d337Lord, if thou thy [the] grace impart
d338Lord, in the morning I will send
d339Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear My voice ascending high
d340Lord, in thy courts we now appear
d341Lord of my life, O may thy praise
d342Lord, send thy word, and let it fly [run]
d343Lord, thou hast searched, and seen through
d344Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray
d345Lord, 'tis an infinite delight
d346Lord, we adore thy bounteous hand
d347Lord, we adore thy matchless ways
d348Lord, we come before thee now
d349Lord, what a feeble piece
d350Lord, what a heaven of saving
d351Lord, what a wretched land is this
d352Lord, when I count thy mercies o'er
d353Lord, when we see a saint of thine
d354Lord, while thy judgments shake the land
d355Love divine how sweet the sound
d356Low would I bow beneath thy feet
d357Mercy, O thou Son of David
d358Mighty God [Lord] while angels bless [praise] thee
d359Mistaken souls, that [who] dream of heaven
d360Mortals, awake, with angels join
d361My brethren, from my heart beloved
d362My days, my [and] weeks, my [and] months, my [and] years
d363My dear Redeemer, and my Lord
d364My drowsy powers, why sleep ye [you] so
d365My former hopes are dead [fled], my terror now begins
d366My God, how cheerful [cheering] is the sound
d367My God, how endless [lasting] is thy love
d368My God, my life, my love, to thee, to thee I call
d369My God, my only help and hope
d370My God, my portion, and my love, my everlasting all.
d371My God, permit me [us] not to be a stranger
d372My God, the spring of all my joys
d373My God, what silken [gentle] cords are thine
d374My gracious Redeemer I [I'll] love
d375My harp untuned, and laid aside
d376My heart, how dreadful hard it is
d377My rising soul, with strong desires
d378My sorrows, like a flood
d379My soul, arise in [with] joyful lays
d380My soul forsakes her [each] vain delight
d381My soul, how lovely is the place to which thy God
d382My soul, with joy attend, While Jesus silence
d383My soul's full of glory, inspiring [which fires] [it fires] my tongue
d384My thoughts surmount these lower skies
d385My thoughts, that oft ascend [often mount] the skies
d386My times of sorrow and of joy Great God, are in
d387No, I'll repine at death no more
d388No strength of nature can suffice
d389Nor eye hath seen nor ear hath heard
d390Not all the outward forms on earth, Nor rites that God hath given
d391Not the malicious or [nor] [and] profane
d392Not unto us but thee alone
d393Now begin the heavenly theme
d394Now from the altar of my heart [our hearts]
d395Now, gracious Lord, thine [thy] arm reveal
d396Now in the heat [flush] of youthful blood
d397Now in thy praise, eternal king
d398Now let a true [pure] ambition rise
d399Now let our mourning [drooping] hearts revive
d400Now let our souls, on wings sublime

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