One Hundred Progressive Hymns

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1How kind in all his works and waysPage Scan
2'Twas God who made the earth and skiesPage Scan
3I love to see the glowing sunPage Scan
4There is a land abovePage Scan
5Gracious God! to thee I prayPage Scan
6The moon is very fair and brightPage Scan
7The God of heaven is pleased to seePage Scan
8Jesus, Saviour, Son of GodPage Scan
9Jesus, see a little childPage Scan
10God is in heaven--can he hearPage Scan
11The Lord is here! He sees us tooPage Scan
12Great God! and wilt thou be so kindPage Scan
13O that it were my chief delightPage Scan
14Jesus says that we must love himPage Scan
15Isaac was ransomed while he layPage Scan
16Lord, teach a sinful child to prayPage Scan
17To do to others as I would Page Scan
18When I look up to yonder skyPage Scan
19I am the creature of the LordPage Scan
20O Lord, our Lord, how wondrous greatPage Scan
21How glorious is our heavenly KingPage Scan
22King Solomon of old Page Scan
23Remember thy Creator nowPage Scan
24Why have we lips, if not to singPage Scan
25When daily I kneel down to prayPage Scan
26How proud are we, how fond to showPage Scan
27The spacious firmament on highPage Scan
28There is a God who reigns abovePage Scan
29Our tongues were made to bless the LordPage Scan
30Many voices seem to sayPage Scan
31Poor and needy though I bePage Scan
32This is a precious book indeedPage Scan
33Let children that would fear the LordPage Scan
34When Jesus left his Father's thronePage Scan
35I often say my prayersPage Scan
36Happy the child whose early yearsPage Scan
37God is a God of truthPage Scan
38From all that dwell below the skiesPage Scan
39While shepherds watched their flocks by nightPage Scan
40In the bright morn of life, when youthPage Scan
41'tis religion that can give Page Scan
42How long sometimes a day appears!Page Scan
43How shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
44Whene'er the angry passions risePage Scan
45Jesus when a little childPage Scan
46Awake, my soul, and with the sunPage Scan
47The day is past and gonePage Scan
48Father, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
49Another six day's work is donePage Scan
50Lord, thou hast searched and seen me throughPage Scan
51O 'tis a lovely thing for youthPage Scan
52When a foolish thought withinPage Scan
53Our Father in heaven, we hallow thy namePage Scan
54There is a path that leads to GodPage Scan
55It is not earthly pleasurePage Scan
56The lillies of the fieldPage Scan
57Happy is he who early steersPage Scan
58The mellow eve is glidingPage Scan
59Children of the heavenly King Page Scan
60Strive, for the way is straitPage Scan
61Our Father, full of grace divinePage Scan
62My Father, when I come to theePage Scan
63The man is ever blestPage Scan
64O Lord, let our songs find acceptance before theePage Scan
65Behold the ark of God!Page Scan
66Sing, my soul, his wondrous lovePage Scan
67Inspirer and hearer of prayerPage Scan
68O God! our help in ages pastPage Scan
69There is a land of pure delightPage Scan
70Awake, my soul! stretch every nervePage Scan
71Prayer is the soul’s sincere desirePage Scan
72Prayer is appointed to conveyPage Scan
73Heirs of unending lifePage Scan
74Soldiers of Christ, arisePage Scan
75Hasten, O sinner, to be wisePage Scan
76My God, permit me not to bePage Scan
77'Tis finished--so the Saviour criedPage Scan
78Why should we start and fear to die?Page Scan
79As when the weary traveler gainsPage Scan
80I would not live alway: I ask not to stayPage Scan
81O thou who hearest when sinners cryPage Scan
82I know that my Redeemer livesPage Scan
83Sinners, turn, why will ye die?Page Scan
84Lo! on a narrow neck of landPage Scan
85Jesus shall reign where'er the sunPage Scan
86Zeal is that pure and heavenly flamePage Scan
87Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wingsPage Scan
88While thee I seek, protecting Power!Page Scan
89Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DovePage Scan
90When gathering clouds around I viewPage Scan
91Sinner, rouse thee from thy sleepPage Scan
92Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we lovePage Scan
93Come, ye who love the LordPage Scan
94O that my load of sin were gone!Page Scan
95Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
96Saviour, source of every blessingPage Scan
97Rock of Ages! cleft for mePage Scan
98O thou, to whose all-searching sightPage Scan
99The Lord is our Shepherd, our guardian and guidePage Scan
100How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
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