PLIX. Michtam of David; when Saul sent, and they watched the House to kill him

1 O Thou my God, deliver me
from all mine enemies;
And raise me up above all those
who up against me rise.
2 Do thou deliver me from them
who work iniquity;
And do thou save me from the men
of blood and cruelty.

3 For lo, they for my soul lay wait:
the mighty men combine
Against me, LORD, not for my sin,
nor any fault of mine.
4 They run and ready make themselves,
for no offence in me:
Bot O do Thou behold, and rise,
and meet me speedily.

5 Awake therefore, LORD GOD of hosts,
Thou God of Israel,
To judge the nations: favour none
who impiously rebel. (Selah)
6 At ev'ry ev'ning they return,
and like the rav'nous hound,
They make a noise on ev'ry side,
and range the city round.

7 Behold they belch out of their mouths:
within their lips are swords:
'For who is he that hears us speak?'
are their disdainful words.
8 Yet Thou, O LORD< wilt laugh at them,
the heathen all deride.
9 But GOD my strength is, and my tow'r,
and in Thee I confide.

[2 Part]

10 The God of all my mercies will
prevent and succour me;
And GOD will give me on my foes
my just desire to see.
11 Them slay not, lest thy people should
forget thy favour soon:
But by thy pow'r, O Lord, our shield,
disperse and bring them down.

12 Because their mouths and lips abound
with sins; thou wilt surprize,
And take them in their pride, who speak
such curses and such lies.
13 Thou wilt consume them in thy wrath,
and make them understand,
That GOD rules over all the earth,
who rules in Jacob's land. (Selah.)

14 When ev'ning comes shall they return;
and like a rav'nous hound,
A discontented noise shall make,
and range the city round.
15 With hunger they shall roam about,
in seeking food to eat;
And murmur as their hunger grows,
and howl for want of meat.

16 But ev'ry morn I'll sing thy pow'r
thy mercy loud confess;
Who art my refuge, and my tow'r,
in days of my distress.
17 Therefore to Thee, O Thou my strength,
I praise will ever sing:
For GOD is my high tow'r, the God,
whence all my mercies spring.

Text Information
First Line: O Thou my God, deliver me
Title: Michtam of David; when Saul sent, and they watched the House to kill him
Language: English
Publication Date: 1758
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