PXXXIX. To the chief Musician, even to Jeduthun, A Psalm of David

1 I said, I will look to my ways,
Lest I sin with my tongue:
I'll keep my mouth with bit while I
With wicked am among
2 With silence I as dumb abode,
My mouth I did refrain
From speaking of the thing that's good,
And stirred was my pain.

3 My heart within me waxed hot,
While I was musing long,
In me the fire inkindled was,
Then speak I with my tongue.
4 O Lord, mine end, and of of my days,
Let me the measure learn:
That what a momentary thing
I am, I may discern.

5 Behold thou mad'st my days a span,
Mine age is nought to thee:
At's best estate, sure every man
Us wholly vanity.
6 Sure man walks in an empty show,
Vain stir they therefore make,
Who heap up wealth, but do not know
Who shall the same up take.

7 And now, O Lord, what wait I for?
My hope is set on thee.
8 Free me from all my trespasses,
The fool’s scorn make not me.
9 I silent was and shut my mouth,
This done because thou hast:
10 Remove thy stroke away from me,
By thy hands blow I waste.

11 When with Rebukes thou dost correct
Man for iniquity,
Thou blasts his beauty like a moth:
Sure each man’s vanity.
12 Lord hear my prayer, hark to my cry;
Nor at my tears still be:
For as my fathers all am I,
Strange sojourner with thee.
13 O turn aside a while me fro,
That I may strength recall,
Before that I from hence shall go,
And be no more at all.

Text Information
First Line: I said I will look to my ways
Title: To the chief Musician, even to Jeduthun, A Psalm of David
Language: English
Publication Date: 1742
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